Universal Pictures takes Corona SDK to Hollywood again for ‘The Lorax’ mobile app

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A few months ago, Corona SDK was welcomed into Hollywood when the official app for the movie Dolphin Tale was created with Corona.

Now, Universal Pictures is set to release their 3D animated adaptation of The Lorax tomorrow in theaters worldwide — and its accompanying Truffula Shuffula mobile game is a Corona SDK app made by the Blockdot agency!

Blockdot only learned about Corona a few months ago, and their roster of developers have had no problem in picking it up quickly to build apps for their big name clients. Blockdot app dev director Jay Rutherford explained:

We first came across Corona about six months ago when the need for a new tool for building apps that can be used for a variety of different platforms became apparent. One of the biggest advantages that we’ve seen is that our Flash developers have quickly gotten up to speed within the mobile industry by working in Lua instead of spending the time to learn Objective-C from scratch.

Jay added that using Corona has not only greatly helped Blockdot in their app development process, but also their overall business operations:

Corona has begun to help us to win new business that we couldn’t have been able to approach in the past.

When a client comes to us and says that they need an app made on both the iOS and Android platforms and they already have a fixed budget in mind, we used to have to walk away from the opportunity if that budget didn’t line up with what it would take to build. But now, we can quickly and confidently deliver on budget by working within a single code base — and as a result we’re able to increase our portfolio and profitability!

Now that’s just awesome!

Speaking of awesome, Blockdot’s Truffula Shuffula game is a nifty one. The game beautifully incorporates artwork from Universal’s feature film and sound clips from its voice cast of A-listers like Danny DeVito, Taylor Swift, and the indomitable Betty White. The gameplay is sort of a combination of Tetris and dominos as you line up matching pieces consecutively to score points and advance levels. Not surprisingly, a game modeled after old-time favorites is sure to have widespread appeal among young and old fans alike of the Dr. Seuss classic.

Truffula Shuffula is available for free now in the App Store and Android Market.

Be sure to download it before you go see The Lorax this weekend! (Ansca Mobile does not condone playing games on your smartphone while inside movie theaters)

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  1. Kodewulf says:

    Doesn’t seem to be available in Australia from either iTunes or Android Market.