App of the Month (February 2012): The Lost City

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February set the bar pretty high for Corona apps. From 3D-looking eBooks to some of the most graphically intense games we’ve seen to date, this month has been infinitely encouraging to us about frontiers that the Corona community will soon traverse.

Essentially, it came down between two apps: Grooh and The Lost City.

Grooh gave us animations and graphics on a level we’ve never seen in a Corona app while Lost City made “ambitious” seem like a meager adjective to describe it. In the end, The Lost City edged out with the App of the Month victory.

The Lost City is built on a scale that has yet to be matched by any other app we’ve seen. From the vast array of its in-game puzzles (that don’t repeat, I must add!) to the sheer artistry of its graphics and soundtrack, The Lost City is exemplary of the power of not only Corona, but also indie app ambition.

The results of such ambition? An awesome an immersive game that has enthralled audiences worldwide, seeing as how The Lost City has hit #1 in several countries’ App Stores. Creator Joe Kauffman of Fire Maple Games is quite the Corona success story, and is more than willing to spill his secrets to everyone about how to make your app a phenomenal success.

If you’re still wondering what all the hoopla is about, check out The Lost City now on iOS and Android (Amazon too).

Like many reviewers all over the web, you’ll be far from disappointed! 🙂

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  1. dingo says:

    Congrats joe, awesome job!

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