App of the Week (March 4, 2012): Time Keeper

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Sometimes, an app makes you not necessarily want to touch and play with it, but rather sit back and admire. Like a great work of art, an impeccably designed app can spur your own creativity and — on a greater level — push developers to build better apps.

And I think Time Keeper is one of those apps!

Time Keeper itself is inspired by another legendary creator of art — Leonardo da Vinci.  Like the always inventive da Vinci, Time Keeper takes the Corona SDK physics engine and applies it to a “motion clock” setting, almost like an hourglass. Watch as each ball in the clock drop, roll, and collide to map out the current time. Very rarely do hours and minutes look like this!

Along with its basic time-telling functionality, Time Keeper seems to be a great way to look at conventional app practices and turn them on their head. Sure in-app physics are almost exclusively used for games, but Time Keeper effectively uses them for a relatively simple clock app. And speaking of block apps, since when do developers take the time to make them this elaborate and beautiful?

It seems like we currently are in the midst of an Apps Renaissance. And to keep yourself in great creative shape, go get Time Keeper in the App Store — it certainly is worth the space on your iMantle to admire and explore for the sake of your art. 🙂

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  1. David says:

    Step 1: Take an idea that’s not yours

    Step 2: Spend an hour or so making it look half decent, but be sure to use the system font

    Step 3: Charge $1 for it

    Step 4: Become a featured app

    Ok, this is a neat app but… Really? Slim pickings this week, guys?

  2. Hetal says:

    @David: There’s a solid 250 words up there explaining our choice.

  3. David says:

    @Hetal: Hey, it’s your choice. I suppose I just don’t think it’s that innovative – which is why I asked if it was a slow week.

    I’ll give them this: the app is visually decent.

  4. fito says:

    Cool i love these clocks. I always saw one at a store when i was a child but it was too expensive for me to buy it. Felt in love with it since back then.
    Now i’ll have one on my phone 😀

  5. Ziao says:

    I completely agree with David, and I don’t see how this is such a special app. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice, but far from original or new.

  6. YoYoPhone says:

    What about us DROID DUDES?

  7. Pedro Felipe says:

    It IS original. Ok, the app may not do a lot of things, but I think it deserves the attention because of the use of physics api to make something that is not a game.

  8. Daniel Swanson says:

    @David: Where are YOUR featured apps?

  9. Daniel Swanson says:

    Actually, I bought it and downloaded it. It’s beautiful and fun to watch–especially on my iPad. But there is a flaw in that it doesn’t update properly when “app-switched” back to. When I did that, the balls weren’t in the proper positions with respect to the current time.

  10. Daniel Swanson says:

    I tried killing the app and re-starting it, and it happened to be just as the time was switching to 10:40. But one ball fell onto the top rack. Now at 10:41 there are two balls on the top rack: incorrect!

  11. Mike R says:

    Give the developer a break won’t you guys?

    It does look nice regardless and perhaps you have not heard that nothing is new ever. Just a different implementation of any old idea.

    Of course sometimes they don’t notice when you do actually try something a bit different but that can be down to not mentioning that enough in your marketing garbage.


  12. Ziao says:

    @Daniel Swanson: Without wanting to start a flamewar – that’s simply not how the world works. You can show your dislike for something without being better at doing it yourself.
    I’m sure there’s a lot of bands that you dislike, yet nobody expects you to do better than those bands.

  13. As the developer of this app, I’d like to thank Hetal for taking the time to review and for the kind words. Very encouraging. It meant more to than any purchase stats. This was my first real dev project since I took a break from programming in Turbo Pascal 20 years ago (Creating Time Keeper took me about 40 hours start to finish – I’m a bit slow). Couldn’t have done it without Corona, that’s for sure, I’d still be working on it today.

    I saw a Da Vinci expo in St. Louis and wanted to do something to as a tribute to the man himself. Couldn’t stomach making yet another clone “Angry Da Vinci”. I’m sure it’s a bit rough around the edges and I will continue to make improvements to my dev skills over time. Thank you for the constructive criticism and to those who took a $1 gamble on Time Keeper. Maybe my next app will dazzle you guys. 😉


    Lance (