Update: iPad Retina Display

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Team Corona,

Good news!

After much fanfare, we finally got our hands on what seemed like the last iPad 3 on the planet, so we could finally hunker down and investigate the retina display issues.

We now have a patch to the iOS builds available in daily build 767 that addresses the retina display issues. (Just realized it’s named after one of Boeing’s jets, which is kinda cool…)

Couple of minor technical notes:

  • We recommend updating to XCode 4.3.1/iOS 5.1 SDK. This lets you view your app on the iPad Retina device within the XCode simulator.
  • If you already downloaded yesterday’s daily build from March 15, you’re all set; just click “Build”.

Please start testing and give us your feedback in our special iPad 3 forum. We’ll be looking to that forum, so post any technical issues/feedback in the forum rather than the blog comments below.

So you may be wondering what was the deal? Basically, it comes down to how far Apple went to support backward compatibility. As far as we can tell, Apple “broke” something between the iOS 5 and iOS 5.1 SDK and the critical step was to rebuild the bits using Apple’s latest iOS SDK. We’re still getting more reports, but we believe you will have to rebuild your app using build 767 to get your app working properly on the iPad 3.

As a result, we felt it was extremely important to get something in your hands as fast as humanly possible. To that end, we took a lot of engineering shortcuts that we’d normally never do. Part of that involved bypassing our automated build system (the system responsible for deploying daily builds). In practice, what this means is that we will be placing daily builds on hold for about a week, while we update the build system to use the latest iOS 5.1 SDK.

Please bear with us as the dust settles and we iron out the upgrade/migration issues. We are trying to get everything back on track, including more features and bug fixes out to you, ASAP.

Whew! Okay, that’s it for now. Who knew one little device would cause so how much trouble?


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This entry has 27 replies

  1. Jason says:

    I knew you guys would get on it quick smart πŸ™‚

  2. stevin says:

    what about apps built with the older armv6 compiler? do they stay broken?

  3. Alex says:

    I am still in Snow Leopard. Any recommendation in this case?

  4. does this mean I need to get a Lion to have ios 5.1 sdk πŸ™ ?

  5. Thanks for the update.

    This is timely as the Mac Mini I used for years did not have the CPU power to install Mac OS 10.7, so that means I dont get the latest Xcode, etc. So yesterday a new Mac Mini with i7 Chip came from Shenzen, China and I will be back in sync soon. Likely have to recompile my iPad app for iPad 3.

    Note to @Alex – You need Mac OS 10.7 to be functional with Corona as I detailed.

  6. Andy Hadlington says:

    Everyone has obviously worked their butts off to make this fix. And I for one as a software engineer myself applauds the timely and polite way that Ansca have handled it. These things come to try us and you prevailed! So mega-props to all at Ansca.

  7. I knew I made the right decision by switching to Corona–great products and amazing support! Thank you so much Ansca! πŸ™‚

  8. Carlos Icaza says:

    Thank you all very much for the support and putting up with us during the few hours here with iPadGate. I also want to thank those who volunteered and provided me with UUID’s of their devices to be able to send out some of the early test to see if our changes indeed worked.

    In all, thank you all for the great development team you all are.


  9. Tokyo Dan says:

    I built on Snow Leopard, XCode 4.2, and CoronaSDK 767. And it fixed my iPad 3 Retina display problem and everything seems to be fine. No need to upgrade to latest XCode nor Mountain Lion…(I hope)

  10. Dan says:

    Building with CoronaSDK 767 fixed my iPad 3 display problems and I’m still running Xcode 4.2 on Snow Leopard. Is there really a need to update to the latest Xcode and iOS SDK?

    Also apps built in Corona weren’t the only ones to have problems on iPad 3. Ravenmark, a well-known and highly rated game also had iPad 3 display problems and just released an update to fix them. 10 hours ago @witchinghourSG tweeted this:

    “Oh, sweet Jesus. Fellas, if you’re trying to play Ravenmark on the new iPad… Don’t. We will expedite a Retina iPad edition update ASAP.”

  11. finefin says:

    We just uploaded the fixed version of our game… phew.
    I wonder how many express-updates are uploaded to itunesconnect right now πŸ˜€

  12. Thanks! Is there a Retina Simulator for the Windows version in the works?

  13. Jane Scarano says:

    I’m having problems with the placement of display.newRetinaText x & y values. Text positions are getting jumbled and not where they are supposed to go. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

  14. Eiswuxe says:

    Even though I’m glad there is a fix available, I am very disappointed at the moment. The iPad 3 was THE new thing to come from apple. How come you did not manage to get your hands on a device on the day it was released??? You needed a user to bring you one in. That is very embarassing in my opinion for a company that calls itself “#1 mobile development platform”.

    Walter said “Who knew one little device would cause so much trouble?”. Am I the only one who feels that exactly THIS is part of your job?

    I must admit that I don’t know if other frameworks had the same problems. But it somehow always seems to me like ansca mobile presents features of corona as “world first” which I would call “minimum requirements”.

  15. Andriy Pertsov says:

    I agree with everything in your post

  16. Kevin Bradford says:

    Agreed, Ansca dropped the ball on this and it has resulted in bad reviews on my apps. This will directly affect sales.

  17. David Rangel says:

    Eiswuxe, Andriy and Kevin,

    We’re sorry you feel this way. And we are also sorry for the issues we faced last week. But I want to make clear that there is not much we could have done to prevent it – and as soon as we knew there were issues, we worked on it immediately until we had a fix (and kept everyone informed of the status of things). We did in fact get an iPad on Friday – after having ordered ours in time, called on developers to drop one off and also visiting several Apple Stores. Part of the reason we had a fix is that we did everything possible to get one and also worked with remote developers testing things on their devices.

    In any case – we’re sorry for the inconvenience. But rest assured we’ll always work hard to fix issues as quickly as possible.



  18. Andriy Pertsov says:


    We understand that situation is not simple. But we need the quickest solution here. Why there still no 704A build with new iPad support? We are not afraid of updating all our apps, but we do not want to risk with daily build (like 767).


  19. David says:

    Andriy, We are working on that. We are still running a bunch of our test cases. I think it’s safe to expect it early next week.

  20. 704 with iPad Retina support is ready for download from the daily builds page. We will be moving it to the public daily download page in a few days. 704 iPad Retina has been tested and ran against a battery of test. One caveat, we have not tested it with iOS 3.x. XCode 4.3.1 is needed. Please read the release notes of 704 on the daily builds page.


  21. Walter says:

    To clarify, we have published a special daily build (a rebuild of 704a, the last public release, using the iOS 5.1 SDK). This is known as 704b.

    There are no core code changes, besides adding version info, so this should theoretically be as stable as 704a. However, we are publishing this as a daily build for now.

    Once it’s been fully baked, we’ll deploy it so folks who are using 704a will automatically be using the 704b device bullds.

    You can get 704b here:


  22. Andriy says:

    Walter, Carlos, David, thank you for quick response and help!

  23. Jason says:

    Thanks Walter/Carlos for keeping us informed and all tooled up.

    I have have uploaded my apps for approval today having rebuilt after updating to Xcode 4.3.1 and using build 767 (hopefully your Dreamliner version (787) gets here before Boeing’s). I did have the xcode-select issue that were clarified in your earlier email today.

    Keep up the great work. Thx, J.

  24. Kevin says:

    What can i do to not get retina memory hogs on my ipad 2 or my iphone 4

  25. Darcy Clark says:

    I put out a few apps last year built with Corona SDK – let’s just say it wasn’t as lucrative an endeavour as we had hoped for, so back to the day job. So I have no plans to release any new apps and my subscription has lapsed. I’m now getting bug reports from iPad 3 users about this very issue, through no fault of my own .. yet I’ll have to pay $199 for the ability to fix this bug, which as I understand it, will not require any changes in my own code. I will simply have to build my apps with the correct release of Corona. I either pony up $199 or let my iPad 3 users be disappointed — either way I’m not happy. I know everyone is in the same boat, but I needed to vent 😐

    • Jerome says:

      @Darcy Clark: I am right there in the exact same boat. Today I learned that Walter Icaza is no longer involved with Ansca Mobile – and that the iPad Retina disaster really should have been avoided.

  26. David says:

    Darcy, unfortunately the error was caused by changes Apple made to iOS and, as you can imagine, this is out of our control. Please email me (david AT anscamobile) and we can discuss further.