This week, guess who gets to choose the coveted Corona SDK app of the week? Me that’s who. And having played a few games this past week, the one game that stood out for me is “Apple Craze” by What’s great about this app is not just the game play, but the sounds and graphics and the lovable blue koala.

Help this little  blue Koala find apples, cherry combos, destroy objects and more. Graphic detail is amazing and each level gets progressively more challenging.

From description of the game “In a forest in distant Australia, a blue Koala made his home. The fluffy little darling spent all his days hanging on trees and chewing eucalyptus leaves. But everything changed when an apple fell out of some random tourist’s bag… Koala took a bite, then another, then another… Now his tiny mind boggles with apples all the time. Koala has decided to search for apples beyond his leafy home, and has set off in pursuit of his dream…”

You can download the game at the AppStore by clicking here Apple Craze.



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