Guest Blog Post: “The Making of StreetFood Tycoon”

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This weeks Guest Blog Post comes from Erick Garayblas all the way from the Philippines.

Eric’s first Corona SDK Game has already been downloaded over 30,000 times and has reached #1 in several iTunes AppStore Markets.

Hi, I’m Erick Garayblas, from Manila, Philippines and Kuyi Mobile is my brainchild. I founded Kuyi Mobile in the summer of 2009 to produce hard-to-put-down, quality mobile games catering to a vast range of audiences, from kids to kids at heart.

Just recently, I released my most ambitious iOS game to date–Streetfood Tycoon.  After having 7 casual games in the App Store for the past 3 years, I decided to embark on a bigger project and focus my efforts on a resource management and simulation game which took me almost 6 months to finish.  The idea behind Streetfood Tycoon came from my penchant for playing simulation games.  I made a huge simulation game years back called Tower Mogul (inspired by Yoot Tower) and have been meaning to make another one for iOS.  I spent almost a month making the first Streetfood Tycoon prototype and was not too happy with the outcome.

I tweaked my initial game idea further and decided to make another one.  At that time, Corona was introduced to me by a good friend and long-time partner, Ben Stark of ZodTTD (who is also a Corona user).  I did some quick research, listed down all my “game requirements” and when I found out that Corona suits everything I need to complete the game, I decided to grab the trial version.  Though the new game idea was entirely different from my first prototype, I was still able to make the new prototype in just 4 days using Corona SDK!

One of the cool features of Streetfood Tycoon (and one that I’m very proud of) is its user interface where traditional buttons/menus are mixed with Apple’s UIKit-like interface.  I spent a month designing/tweaking the interface to make sure that the game is as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be.  The game takes advantage of “listviews” to simplify the player’s experience and I don’t think I could’ve pulled it off if not for Corona SDK.  I was also able to integrate the more advanced stuff like in-app items, game analytics, particle systems and social media components easily.  Simply put, Corona allowed me to focus on design and worry less about how things had to be implemented.

Fast forward 6 months and Streetfood Tycoon finally came out, went on to become the #3 overall app, #1 Strategy game, #1 Family game in the Philippine App Store (my very own country!) and has been downloaded by over 30,000 players worldwide in a week’s time!  This is a huge achievement for me because I’ve never had any of my past games climb my own country’s overall charts.  While revenues aren’t comparable yet to that of OMGPOP’s (dream on!), I’m simply glad that I was able to make a lot of players happy.  Reading all the rave reviews and tweets about the game is more than enough to keep me going.  If you haven’t tried Streetfood Tycoon yet, please do.  It’s FREE, universal and–thanks to Corona–even supports the new iPad! 🙂


Erick Garayblas

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  1. Robert de Boer says:

    Awesome game! I hope you make zillions with IAP 🙂

    Good luck with the sales!

  2. Bertrand Kopf says:

    I love it, very addictive !

  3. Thank you so much guys! 🙂

  4. Marc Lepage says:

    Great job Erick!

  5. Primo says:


  6. radamanthus says:

    asteeg indeed!

  7. Mike says:

    Hmm, I see a bug, I think. I spent all my money to some kind of upgrade (my mistake) and I cannot aford monthly fee (I just haven’t seen it, first time to pay it). And I can’t play on…