App of the Week: Spin up (April 2nd, 2012)

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This week App of the Week goes to Spin Up. I had a sneak peek of this game while it was still in production and I wanted to to get my hands on it right away as I knew, by the looks of it, that it had quite the potential to be a great game, to become App of the Week, and  could potentially become a run-away hit at the AppStore.

Once the game was release I installed it on my iPad, Walter’s iPad and started to play immediately. It is not a game you want to put down and as I over heard Walter, “it just keeps g0ing”. Yes, the game keeps going and each level and each ring gets more and more challenging. The retro fonts and pixelated look gives it a certain attitude and before you know it, you are actually cheering for your own character to make it to the next level.

From No Sheet, makers of Spin Up :“No one would have believed in middle of the 21st century, that as we busied ourselves about our daily concerns, our obsolete machines ere secretly being transformed by intelligences far greater than our own.”

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and congratulations to Nenad Katic for a great game.

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  1. Really cool game, well done!

  2. TehSkull says:

    This looks like fun. Any chance of an Android release?

  3. ME says:

    great game…;)

  4. JP says:

    I hate grammar-naZis as mcuh as hte next-guy, but hte msitaeks in tihs atricle were rcideuluos!

  5. Carlos Icaza says:

    @JP toallyt agreded.


  6. Looks like a fantastic concept… I love stuff making real use of the tablet!

  7. Nenad Katic says:

    Thanks for your nice words, and Ansca for featuring the game ! 🙂
    @TehSkull -> I don’t think Android version will be coming any time soon, just can’t afford all those devices to be able to develop and test properly.

  8. The game is on the Top 200, congratulations!