Kwik: Photoshop Plug-in for Artists, Storytellers and Designers

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Hello Corona readers – I am Alex Souza, owner of Kwiksher and creator of the Kwik Photoshop plug-in.

I started my company Kwiksher about a year ago with the goal of developing software that would allow anyone to quickly create and easily publish interactive storybooks using Photoshop and Corona. Before Kwik came to be, I had developed an earlier tool, a Fireworks extension, which allowed users to export Fireworks files for use in Corona. All of the layer positioning and text are exported to a main.lua file for use in Corona. (This extension is still available for free here.)

After my experience developing the Fireworks extension, Carlos Icaza of Ansca challenged me with the idea of developing the same kind of tool, but this time for Photoshop. I accepted the challenge and went back to the drawing board thinking, “What if anyone could create mobile interactive applications using Photoshop as a Corona IDE without knowing how to code?”

That goal became the very backbone to what Kwik is today.

Using Corona as my foundation and Photoshop as my target development environment, I spent six months of late nights and weekends creating Kwik. Corona brings so many advantages to the table, from building cross-platform apps, to native Lua support, to the ability to rapidly build and publish apps to the marketplace and do it all for an incredibly low price for developers. In my opinion, there is no other competing mobile app platform around that offers the level of features and benefits, and community and support that Ansca provides with Corona.

I launched Kwik in May 2011 at a time when the tablet market was exploding and interactive storybooks grew to be the second largest app market after games, which still holds true today. I knew that by combining Photoshop and Corona together, graphic designers and illustrators – rather than developers or coders – would be able to create rich interactive storybooks without using code.

As the growth and maturation of Corona continued over the next 12 months, I worked hard evolving Kwik to keep pace with all of the new features available. If Corona supported something new, I made sure that Kwik supported it as well.

Today, Kwik is a full IDE inside Photoshop allowing users to create rich interactive storybooks at a push of a button with features like: in-app purchases, retina support, multiple animation tools (such as linear, path and sprite animation), multilingual text and audio support, “Read to Me” word highlighting that syncs with the audio, coloring pages and so much more.

In the first year alone, over 50 apps have been published using Kwik. Some of the highlights include recent App of the Week winners Sparky the Shark and Trip Harrison’s Where’s Paradise, App of the Month winner Miss Pivot’s Fire Cupid, and other great apps such as JH Digital Solutions’ Goldilocks and Three Bears and Swipea’s The Dream, World Explorer Edition. Be sure to visit the Kwik Showcase or the eBook gallery for more great examples of apps developed using Kwik.

We have very exciting plans that we will be revealing in the next few months. Until then, I invite you to learn more about Kwik and download a free trial at This month, we’re offering  30% off your purchase of Kwik, to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Thank you again for your time!


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This entry has 12 replies

  1. Chigulugulu says:

    any plans to integrate Kwik with Gimp?

  2. Peter says:

    Does Kwik work with the new photoshop CS6?

  3. Alex says:

    @Peter, yes, it does work with CS6.

    @Chigulugulu, no plans for any platform at this moment.

  4. Is Photoshop and Kwik ALL I need to export animated characters in an eBook iOS format for iPad?

    I have completed two 12 page children’s books using Photoshop CS5. Each are full page background graphics with text over and separate layered graphic characters (lizards and insects, etc.) I have easily exported PDF format books to read on iPad. InDesign is only able to export Flash (SWF) animations, so can’t run on iPad.

  5. Alex says:

    @Philip Yes, Photoshop+Kwik+Corona is all you need to create children’s ebook like several ones mentioned in the posting and showcased in our site.


  6. Kyle Brown says:

    My friend just showed me an ebook he created with your plug-in. Very cool. I think the 6 months of late nights and weekends was well worth the effort, and I hope this pays off well for you. Thank you!

  7. Alex says:

    @Kyle, thanks for the words. Can you share which app did your friend make with Kwik?

  8. Mike Kelly says:

    this is a brilliant program! I highly recommend it to anyone genuinely interested in interactive publishing.

  9. Alex says:

    Mike, thanks for the kindest words!

  10. Our company create ebook app for Children’s storybooks.
    we are working with KWIK.
    KWIK is very good program.

  11. TroyM says:

    @Philip M Fortman wrote “InDesign is only able to export Flash (SWF) animations, so can’t run on iPad.”

    It’s true that Adobe Flash Player isn’t available for iPad, but Adobe AIR is, and AIR can contain & play Flash / SWF animations. For example, the iPad app “Machinarium” is an AIR app.

    InDesign can also export EPUB, which can be read by the iBooks app on the iPad.

  12. Hi there,

    I’d really like to be able to use KWIK as a mixed media platform to create textbooks and so forth. Is there a reasonably simple way to embed a video on a Kwik page without having to turn the videos into IMG sequences first? This is one of the most essential features that I don’t see supported yet.