Daily Build Update for May 18: Bug Fixes

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Daily Build UpdateCorona SDK is always getting better and better, and this past week has been no exception. While a few notable additions have been checked-in, there’s been a strong focus on bug fixes to help stabilize and improve the overall quality of the Corona SDK.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happened since just last week…

Dynamic content scaling bug was fixed, so now the base image is always chosen when the content scale factor is 1.0.

Fixed a Storyboard bug that caused storyboard.removeScene() and storyboard.removeAll() to fail in some cases.

Fixed a bug that will ultimately cause GPS and other hardware components to conserve more battery power.

Android bugs with network.request(), network.download(), audio APIs, and orientation were addressed.

Inneractive network bug fixes (iOS).

Better in-app purchase error/failure reporting for store.restore() in iOS.

Based on feedback about native Game Center APIs, we added compatibility keys for gameNetwork.request(“setHighScore”, { … } ) for OpenFeint and Papaya so you don’t need to call the API two different ways. Now with OpenFeint and Papaya, you may use ‘category’ instead of ‘leaderboardID’ and ‘value’ instead of ‘score’. The original values will continue to work. If both versions are specified in the same call, ‘category’ and ‘value’ will win.

Added an ‘isModal’ option to storyboard.showOverlay() which will prevent touches from “going through” the overlay scene.

Improves FPS up to 6x for apps that use the audio APIs in Android.

Updated the OpenFeint SDK to version 2.12.8 to address UDID deprecation in iOS.


What I listed above is just a summary of most of the main items. For a complete listing of everything that’s been pushed into the daily builds recently, see the Daily Build Summary page.

Since the previous daily build update, as of build 2012.818, the following bug cases have been addressed: 13507, 13526, 14243, 13087, 14309, 11713, 14219, 14332, and 14364.

That’s a pretty big handful! It goes to show just how much more stable Corona SDK is becoming as we progress. Remember, daily builds are a subscriber-only advantage—so subscribe now and go grab the latest build today.

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This entry has 6 replies

  1. dingo says:

    thanks for the fixes, good job!

    one question: does the fps also increase on dual core android devices?

  2. Tim says:

    Any chance the trial version will be updated to something newer soon? I would like to test some of the things I need in order to make sure it’s viable, I went away for a while hoping some issues with the simulator etc. would be updated (Like showing text inputs in simulator)

  3. Luciane says:

    Something is wrong now with Show Leaderboards in Android in build 818.
    When I click on the leaderboard name to see the scores, it gives an error message saying “The Player you’re looking for could bot be found”. When I look on my app leaderboard info on Openfeint developer website, the scores are there. Show Achievements seems to be ok.

  4. Damir says:

    You are mentioning Papaya.

    There was an announcement that you will drop Papaya support.

    Can someone at Ansca, please, give us the right information what is the future of Papaya in Corona.

    My new game should be out in a few weeks and wanted to add Papaya support but I gave up because of the announcement .

    So the question is:

    Can I add Papaya support into my game ?


  5. David says:


    Apologies for the confusion here. The change mentioned in this post was just to make certain things easier with Game Center, Papaya and Openfeint. But we are indeed removing the Papaya SDK from Corona, so it will only apply to OpenFeint going forward.

    Thank you.


  6. Axie Studios says:

    There’s couple of devs having trouble posting high scores to game center here:


    Could this be caused by the bug fixes in this update?