If you’re a fan of the Sunday crossword or the classic Scrabble, you’ll love the newly released Word Winder game for NOOK. Word Winder is the brainchild of David Hoyt, the man behind a number of popular games including Daily Jumble and Word Roundup. The app was launched in conjunction with a physical Word Winder board game, which is also available at Barnes and Noble stores. Within days of release, the Word Winder app snagged the #2 spot in the Word Game category, behind Words With Friends and ahead of Scrabble! The game was also #2 in Best Selling Board Game Apps.

Perfect for any word game aficionado, Word Winder features 50 unique puzzles for each of the four single-player games within the app including frenzy, frenzy bonus, finder, and challenge modes. The pass-and-play challenge offers unlimited play for friendly competition with friends and family. The game is definitely tough to put down once you get going. I loved the variety of games within the app, but my favorite was the “finder” mode, which was similar to a crossword puzzle. David Hoyt perfectly describes finder as “a happy marriage between crossword clues and word winding answers.” One super handy feature is the app’s connection to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which allows you to look up words and definitions throughout the game.

So fire up those neurons and download Word Winder from the NOOK Store for a fun and interactive challenge!

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