NOOK June Promo for Corona Developers

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The Lost City, Word Winder, The Secret of Grisly Manor and Draw & Guess are just a handful of incredibly successful Corona-built NOOK apps – and yours could be the next sensation! This June, we’re running a promotion with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Developer Program. Read on for a great opportunity to develop for the platform.

The Nitty Gritty

Submit your Corona app by June 30 and we’ll enter you in a drawing – two developers will receive a NOOK Tablet and another two will receive a 3-month extension to their Corona Pro License! Additionally, you’ll receive extra marketing exposure, including a week on one of Barnes & Noble’s curated marketing lists that appear on NOOK devices and on the Barnes & Noble website, plus an additional one-week listing later on, for added exposure. Plus, some developers’ apps will get the opportunity to be promoted in newsletters, blogs, in-store advertising, social media, and more!

As always, you can test your app on the Corona Simulator with the NOOK skin, or on your actual NOOK device.

Submission is easy!

Join NOOK Developer to get started – enter promo code “CoronaJune” and receive NOOK App Developer status within just two business days. You can then provision a NOOK device for developer access, including side-loading of apps with ADB.

  • Email Stacy at and cc with subject line “Corona Promotion”
  • Include your company and app name in the body of the email
  • Submit your app by June 30, 2012
  • We’ll announce the four randomly selected winners in mid-July (two NOOK device winners and two 3-month Corona Pro license winners)

Just a few guidelines…

  • This promotion is only available to new NOOK developers and existing NOOK developers who submit a new app that is not currently available for NOOK.
  • Apps will be tested per NOOK Developer Guidelines. Only those that are accepted into the Barnes & Noble store will qualify for the promotion.
  • The NOOK Developer Program is only open to developers registering from the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on developing your next killer NOOK app! 🙂

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This entry has 18 replies

  1. 3 Dreams Gaming says:

    Do we need to let you know when we have fully released the app on nook or will you know?

  2. Inna says:

    Nope – NOOK will track all Corona apps submitted in June. Even if your app is not fully released this month, you are eligible for the promo as long as you are accepted into the Barnes & Nobles store and meet the NOOK Developer Guidelines. If you have further questions, shoot me an email (inna AT anscamobile). Thanks!

  3. Ken says:

    I just released two Nook apps a couple of days ago. Sad to hear I cannot quality for this Promotion.

  4. Ken says:

    Had we been given a bit of advance notice about the Promo contest we could have delayed releasing our app. bummer.

  5. Tom Chavez says:

    Even if you don’t make the contest, or already have NOOK apps available, you can always ask for extra marketing support by submitting a support request on our developer site. New app releases usually make it into our new apps curated lists. At other times we’ll do a call for apps to promote for special occasions like Mother’s/Father’s day, back to school, Christmas, etc.

    Tom Chavez (NOOK Evangelist)

  6. Ken says:

    Thank you Tom. That’s good to know.

  7. tg says:

    I live in Denmark. Does that mean I can’t enter? If so, for which reason? I have a base in London, is it ok possible to ‘bend the rules’, and submit my app with my London address? Or get my people in London to assist with the submission?

  8. Karl says:

    well, i applied for nook developer using that promo code over a week ago.

    Haven’t heard a word since.

    2 days? really?

    Has anyone successfully signed up?

  9. Karl says:

    actually, dis-regard that last message, i just tried logging into the dev site, and it appears my account is active

  10. Tom Chavez says:

    TG — (sorry for the delayed reply) Yes, you be anywhere in the world and register through a base address in one of our supported countries to submit apps in the NOOK storefront.

    • Dana Yager says:

      Tom, sorry to tag onto this thread, but could not find your contact info elsewhere. I am a student at University of Phoenix and take classes online. I bought my nook for s chool, but my University of Phoenix app does not appear to be available in b&n. I know a lot of students would benefit from that. What can be done?

  11. Bobby says:

    I just applied for the Nook developer today,
    I hope to get approved and qualify for the Promo.

  12. adrianeraldo says:

    I have participated of the webinar and I’m happy. I have applied to nook developer and I was approved in 24hs thanks to Tom.
    Now, where on earth is the documentation about the NOOK process using Corona? Is there any OFFICIAL docs yet? Today is June 21 and the deadline is June 30, so shouldn’t Corona by now have something in place for those who are interested in the promotion?

    • Inna says:

      Glad you enjoyed the webinar! Check out this forum post on getting your games out to the NOOK App market:

      • adrianeraldo says:

        Thank you Inna. I found that link too and I think is very good material.
        So in other words Corona doesn’t have an official guide to Nook? I have 4 apps in the apple App Store already (made with Corona of course) but I don’t know anything about Android and it would be really nice if Corona step in with a promptly solution considering the deadline. Thanks Inna.

        • Inna says:

          Building for NOOK in Corona is easy – just go to the Build Menu and build to NOOK. Once you have an APK, the NOOK Developer site does a great job documenting how to get your app on a NOOK device and how to submit to NOOK Apps.

          We haven’t built a guide for this on our site because NOOK Developer will always have the freshest information on how to get your apps to their devices and to their store.

          If you have any questions please shoot me an email:

          Thank you!

  13. adrianeraldo says:

    Thanks Inna.
    Heads up: I got the app uploaded, approved and now is live in the BN Store! The thing is I don’t find it in any promotion or showcased or anything like that. I wonder when this is going to kick in so I can see some sales?. Right now is buried under 300 other apps of the same category (children 1-2). Of course is better that being under thousands of other apps in the apple appstore but yet I would like to know what’s going on.

  14. adrianeraldo says:

    Still didn’t receive any promotion. I went through several hoops to get approved but my app is deeper everyday and I seldom receive any sells. I wonder is all this trouble really is worth the pain.
    Very disappointed.