App of the Week: Go Ninja

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There’s a growing trend of ninja protagonists in recent apps and Hiptic Games jumped on the bandwagon with Friday’s release of their first mobile title – ‘Go Ninja.’ As far as ninja action games go, this one takes the cake.

As the ninja, you seek to avenge a city overrun by demon samurai, with an army of 50,000 soldiers. The game features slick HD graphics that run at 60fps (on iOS) with rich hand-drawn animations. Your character has nimble jumping skills and special attacks and abilities. Go Ninja is fun, fast-paced, and I guarantee you’ll have a tough time putting it down.

The simplicity is, in large part, the gameplay quality that proves most appealing and addictive. You simply tap or swipe the screen to fend off the demon samurai while earning bundles of points along the way. The samurai are scattered throughout the game, many on ground level, some hiding inconspicuously inside buildings, while others lurk on rooftops.

The more samurai you kill, the more points you earn. You can use these points to unlock extra costumes, game modes and ability upgrades as well as awesome wallpapers for the iPhone/iPad. Released on June 1, Go Ninja has already enjoyed a number of accolades, including stellar reviews in VentureBeat and AppAdvice. The game’s immaculate graphics and fantastic gameplay make Go Ninja a worthy recipient of June’s first App of the Week recognition.

It’s definitely worth a download, especially because it won’t cost you a cent. Go Ninja is available as a free download on iOS and Google Play – don’t forget to tell @vostalgic and @gdeglin what you think of their first mobile title!

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  1. Game looks awesome! Congrats guys! I have only one suggestion, add android back button functionality because I feel it’s a very important button, which gets clicked pretty often. It’s not cool when I click it that it throws me out of the game.

  2. Congrats guys! You definitely have raised the bar!


  3. gdeglin says:

    Thanks for the tip Laimonas! I’ve added that to our todo list for the next update.

  4. If you need code for that, let me know. Be glad to share!

  5. gdeglin says:

    Already done and going out with our android update tonight 🙂

  6. Mo says:

    Smooth as butter at 60 fps! Any tips on to achieved this type of smoothness? Anyway a wonderful and polished title and very deserving of the prize!



  7. Vanilla Ice says:

    Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!!!

  8. gdeglin says:

    Mo: It took a lot of optimization work. Here’s some of the things we learned to do:

    1. Preload all images before the start of the gameplay and don’t load any more during it. We keep everything invisible until we need to place it on the screen, and once it moves off the screen we make it invisible again.

    2. Corona sqlite database writes are synchronous and slow. If you need to write to the database, batch up as much as you can into one query and avoid making too many queries at all costs. On slower devices the game lags a big every time you kill a guy since we need to write data for achievements (just one small database query), no way to fix this completely, but it could be a lot worse.

    3. Avoid accessing or changing the .x and .y properties of display objects or display groups as much as possible. We only check these once per frame per object and then we cache them so they don’t need to be read again. A lot of people don’t realize that just calling “image.x” too many times can actually create a lot of lag.

    4. To reduce memory usage, use smaller versions of some sprites and scale them up. When things are going by fast, people won’t notice a small reduction in image quality on some areas. Keep the detail high on the things that matter.

    5. Do not place functions in the global scope. If you have code anywhere that looks like “function doSomething()…” instead of “local function doSomething()…” then you may be unnecessarily using extra memory between scenes. Images that are used inside of these global functions will not be garbage collected on a scene change.

    6. On some android devices you might need to go down to 30fps. Single core devices in particular start having audio issues and other problems if you push them too hard. We ended up defaulting to 30FPS for all android devices, but we might bring it up to 60 for the more powerful ones in the future.

    • Thanh Quan says:

      thanh you very much for your tips.

  9. jhonsmith says:

    Awesome! author has good writing skill and describe the game features very nicely. Its an addictive game and I like the game play too. Good job


  10. Brent Sorrentino says:

    Awesome looking game! I love the art style and the fast-paced action. I hope you can market this exhaustively and make a sizable profit.

    The trailer tagline is also great: “True ninjas don’t waste time slicing fruit”. Amen to that. 🙂

  11. Mo says:

    @gdeglin: WOW! Thanks so much for the tips! I cannot believe I missed that! I am going to join the conversation on the forum about getting our games to 60 fps!

    Again on the win this week (well deserved) and good luck on your sales.


  12. Luciano says:

    Great Game!

    Really Thank`s for the performance tips.


  13. russell says:

    I’ve been trying to download this game since last night and it is still “waiting…”. I hope no one else is having this problem. Other apps downloading fine. I hope it is due to the large amount of people downloading it!

  14. Eric says:

    Your game trailer is cool! Great Job! Makes me want to play the game !

  15. Lelouch says:

    The game looks great and the graphics kick ass. I just have a few problems with the game itself. I tried to beat some of the missions, but its not letting me complete it. For example: The mission that says “Master Level 1” “Use your level 1 special 100 times.” I must have use that more than a 100 times and its not letting me complete the mission. I keep on getting stuck on 90 times for so long and its pissing me off. There’s some other missions like that too.