For avid fans of Draw Something, this week’s App of the Week, the Corona-made Draw & Guess, is a fresh alternative for NOOK devices. The multi-player quality of Draw & Guess makes for a fun interactive gameplay that allows players to draw their masterpiece while other participants guess the image in real time. Whether you’re playing with random folks or with friends, players can also communicate with one another during the game via chat. Draw & Guess offers a small handful of default colors to start, but it’s easy to earn coins and purchase additional colors – just “Like” the game on Facebook, follow Ninja Pig Studio on Twitter or rate the game on NOOK Apps.

Within several weeks of release, Draw & Guess soared to #1 in entertainment on NOOK Apps and now consistently places in the top 30 of overall apps on the market. Last we chatted with Jordan, more than 75,000 games were played with over 55 million messages sent between players (and this number has surely gone up by now!).

To learn more about the talented young developer, check out Jordan’s interview with PubNub, the service that allows Draw & Guess players to participate and interact in real-time and communicate via chat. Download Draw & Guess on your NOOK device, invite a friend to play, and tweet @ninjapigstudios to share your thoughts on his latest app!

  1. Congrats! But I just wonder if the drawings are updated in realtime or are they first recorded, and then transmitted to the other player?


  2. @joakim when someone draws a line (or a part of a really long line) it stores the data in a table. That table then gets sent over the internet, and then it draws the line as they did it on the other peoples screen. It is in real time, but around 3 seconds off. Nothing can be in real time, tablets and computers don’t have enough processing power or bandwidth to send huge packets every tenth of a second.

  3. So it’s a copy of draw something? I know games these days are really remixes from past games, but just seems so…strange.App of the week for a copy of another app


    Attack of the clones I guess.


    Keep up the good work, glad to see some true innovation taking place and highly original work

    • I appreciate you trolling my creation. If you actually watched the video trailer, you would see it’s a real time drawing game which is totally different from the Draw Something which is asynchronous multiplayer.

  4. @Jst

    I understand what you are saying, but the coding for such an app is no easy task. Yes, it is obviously draw something with more features, but it still takes talent to do such a thing. Hardcore trolling on your part doesn’t help anything, even if you have a somewhat valid point.


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