The world is your oyster as you conquer lands in Little Generals, an action packed Corona-made physics game. Since Little Generals’ release in late May, the game climbed the App Store ranks to be featured as New and Noteworthy in early June. This highly entertaining game is the work of Canada-based Smarter Apps, the makers of Santa Dash.

Featuring easy to use drag-and-drop controls, the game pits your missile against your opponent’s. Your objective is to hit your opponent’s tank in order to bring down his army and expand your empire. With each successful shot (or through in-app purchases), you earn warbux currency to unlock new and destructive weapons.

You can even customize your very own general, complete with humorous facial features and accessories, such as a monocle or cigar to give him extra oomph. With comical land names such as “Loosely Federated States of West Hahavania” and “Empire of Central Snagglevania,” Little General’s silly characters, fun animations and quirky storyline make for a very entertaining experience. Start building your military empire and download Little Generals for free for your iOS device!

    • Hi, I’m one of the developers on this game and I did work on the terrain generation and deformation. While I can’t go into specifics about how we did these the general idea is that we build a level up out of regularly sized blocks of decreasing size and when one is hit we remove and recursively subdivide it into any number of smaller blocks (in varying configurations), rebinding rocks (via joints) as necessary. On collisions we have fast lookup mechanisms that find nearby rocks and break/destroy them as appropriate for each weapon, removing some entirely based on weapon characteristics. Performance here is obviously an issue and you need to make sure that you can rapidly locate blocks near those that are hit and that you have a minimal number of dynamic objects on screen at any given time.

    • There is some sample code floating around called terra destructa. It was on the code exchange, but with this “new site” I can’t find anything so you’ll have to dig around :)

    • We agree that the game could perform better on older hardware and we are investigating several techniques to make this happen. We don’t feel that we’ve fully exhausted and reached the limits of Corona and we hope to introduce these optimizations in future releases.

    • We are considering an Android version but have no fixed timeline. I’ve built it for my Sensation, however, and (thanks to Corona) we aren’t too far away from making it work!

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