App of the Week: Logical Conclusion

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Boost your deductive reasoning skills with the mind-bending word puzzles of Logical Conclusion. Developed by the Japan-based Enfour studio, Logical Conclusion features a clean layout with unique word puzzles that help improve your analytical reasoning skills.

As someone that enjoys powering through Soduku puzzles, I loved the simplicity of design and challenging puzzles in Logical Conclusion. The objective of the game is to identify where a set of keywords belongs on a grid, based on a series of clues. Hints such as, “Julie is farthest right,” and “the soccer player is to the left of the London dweller,” help you determine the proper home of each keyword. Though it’s tempting to check your accuracy mid-game by selecting the “checkbox” button, be warned this lowers your final score. Once you select the checkbox, words you’ve placed in the correct location turn green, while those in an incorrect slot turn red, alerting you to your mistake. As you advance through each of the 14 puzzles in the game, they become increasingly harder to tackle and require more brain juice.

I found the game super easy to learn, incredibly addicting, and an overall great challenge. As soon as I battled through the first puzzle, I was hooked. Check out Logical Conclusion in the App Store and give your brain a well-deserved workout!

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