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The average IQ in the U.S. hovers at around 100 – find out yours and boost your score with the Corona App of the Week, Brain Lab II! Developed by the Hong Kong-based madhead studio, Brain Lab II gives both hemispheres a workout with fun puzzles and challenging exercises. The game has topped the App Store charts, securing the #1 spot in Russia, China, and Germany among others, while enjoying some pretty impressive reviews from players.

Brain Lab II is chock full of simple, yet challenging puzzles to improve your right and left brain IQ. The key is speed – while the exercises are simple, (you must complete tasks such as identifying an image that doesn’t fit with the group or tap on a picture facing a different direction than the others) it can be difficult to think on your toes throughout the puzzle series. Though I’m certain that my high score was less indicative of my intelligence, and more a reflection of my quick reaction time, I was still highly entertained. I loved the cute graphics and fun upbeat music that kept me pumped to perform more challenges. Learning that a “Noble Prize is in my future” is enough motivation to keep me playing, if only to stroke my ego a bit.

Check out Brain Lab II in the App Store and Google Play to discover your inner rocket scientist. The game is available in a slew of languages so players throughout the world can gauge and improve their smarts in their native tongue.

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