Corona: WebViews on Android!

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Time for another Monday update!

Last week, I talked about all the difficulties around Mountain Lion, the code name for Mac OS 10.8. Thanks to all your reports out in the wild, we’ve ironed out the a bunch of problems. The latest daily builds (868 and after) are now solidly working on 10.8.

In the midst of all this Mountain Lion stuff, we’ve also begun the feature cycle.

One of our priorities this cycle has been getting Android parity on native display objects. For example, alpha was not supported on Android native display objects like text fields. We’ve added that support.

WebViews on Android was another biggie. On Android, we’ve had web popups for awhile, but you were limited to one popup and you move them around like a normal display object. With the latest builds, you’ll have access to full-featured WebViews on Android wrapped as a native display object, just like you already have access to on iOS. This means you’ll be able to create seamless OpenGL/HTML5 hybrid apps for both iOS and Android.

Just to give you an idea of the incredible amount of attention to detail our team puts into Corona, I wanted to highlight our implementation of WebViews on Android and the hoops we jumped through to make it rock solid and consistent with WebViews on iOS.

We had to overcome some very annoying Android bugs. One nasty one related to HW-accelerated web views. Android would misbehave if you set an alpha on the WebView. We’ve worked around the Android bug to make it all work seamlessly: you still get HW-acceleration whenever possible and you still get to control the alpha.

What’s coming up?

Well, this week, we’re planning on tackling the long-awaited MapViews on Android. We’ll also be updating the Box2D library to the latest and adding support for all the latest joint types.

And next week, I’ll talk about the lessons we learned from this whole training exercise with Mountain Lion. In particular, our strategy for taming the OS upgrade beast, so we can focus on what matters, especially getting more features into your hands!

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  1. Luke says:

    Does build 840 work solidly enough on Mountain Lion? I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to be able to use the latest available build (still on 704) with Xcode. If not will you redo 840 into an 840a similarly to the New iPad release? This is the one product that determines whether I upgrade or not and am eager to get Mountain Lion.

  2. Chris Leyton says:

    Thanks Walter – great to see the feature cycle kicking in, particularly looking forward to the Box2D upgrade.

    With you on the problems that iOS updates bring – another multi-platform framework I was working on had a real problem last year, so it will be interesting to see how you’re planning to improve this.

  3. Kev Partner says:

    Waiting with baited breath for native.newVideo() to work on Android. That’s the biggie for me!

  4. A working mapView for Android would be great! I’ve been waiting for that for ages 😀

    The addition of the newWebView is also pretty great! Thanks Walter.

  5. Walter says:

    Quick update:

    We did do some spot testing of the last public release (840) on 10.8.

    We found 2 issues in 840 that are addressed in the latest daily builds:
    * Things don’t look quite right on a Mac Book Retina.
    * You’ll have to change the default Gatekeeper preferences to allow unsigned apps to be run. It’s similar to the “you just downloaded this from the internet” dialog, but you have to change the system pref to allow build 840 to run.

    The next public release will solve all these issues, and any new 10.8 issues we identify.

    We’re sticking to our feature cycle and have no plans to do a special 840a build. If you really must run on 10.8 right this moment, you should use the latest daily build.

  6. Luke says:

    Thanks Walter, you’ve put me at ease, about to download now.

  7. Vovka Soft says:

    When you will add file selection android like photo selection from gallery, to let the user to select the file they want ?
    And will be there any possibility to save to sd card (backup for example) ?

  8. detotty says:

    That to dificult to build app that have webView on android. Can anyone help me?
    And no I find some eror, I couldn’t use coronaSDK for my laptop under 64bit. After I used version 2011-704 till now I can’t upgrade it. How to fix it?

  9. Akshay says:

    My simulator shows web view is not supported in this simulator. Is that an error on my side or corona simulator ?