App of the Week: Snow Hill

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Think your savvy detective skills can help solve the mystery of Snow Hill? This week’s App of the Week boasts a rare mix of stunning graphics, an interesting storyline and unique music to immerse you in the game-play. Developed and released in mid-July 2012 by the talented R.M. de Boer Software, Snow Hill is the studio’s first foray into point-and-click adventures. The game has already landed in the Top 20 for Adventure and Puzzle Games in the US and UK and has received excellent ratings from passionate fans.

The story begins with a younger girl named Chloe who seeks answers about her childhood. After her adopted mother passes away, Chloe sifts through her belongings to find a newspaper clipping about the murder of a family in a town called Snow Hill.

A classic point-and-click adventure, your role is to explore Snow Hill and chat with the townspeople. Along the way you must collect items to add to your inventory; these collections advance you in the game and guide you closer to solving the mystery. Additionally, a dynamic map diagrams the spots you’ve visited and highlights your current location. When you get stuck in a particular puzzle, there’s a handy feature that provides hints to guide you in the right direction.

Snow Hill excels in nearly all game qualities, offering a captivating experience for any mystery game lover. Download Snow Hill for your iPad and tweet to Robert at @RMBSoft to share your thoughts on his spectacular creation.



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  1. Really great looking game, congratulations! 🙂