Guest Post: Hanger – From Flash to Corona

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Flash developers Christian Östman and Richard Åström of A Small Game studio developed the hit Hanger game – a title that received over 60 million plays. After the Flash game’s wide-spread popularity, the duo decided to bring Hanger to the iPhone with Corona SDK. Released in early July 2012, the game landed in Top 10 for Action and Arcade in App Stores around the world.

A Small Game is an independent game studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. It all started in 2010 when we, Christian Östman and Richard Åström, started making games together. Our first release was the Flash game Hanger, a simple game were you swing a rag-doll through levels without losing too many body parts. Since then, we have released eight more Flash games including A Small Car and Intruded. Our Flash games have had a combined total of over 125 million plays. On July 7, 2012, we released the Corona-made Hanger for iPhone. The game reached #28 in Paid Apps and #6 in Arcade Games on the US App Store.

After making mostly Flash games for about a year, we wanted to make more mobile games. During this time we tried out different technologies including Adobe Air and native apps. We found that none of the technologies we tested enabled us to build the game we wanted while maintaining the quick work flow we were used to. That was until we discovered Corona SDK. We were used to making games with Flash, so we found it easy to learn Corona; we started prototyping and experimenting straight away. Many of our games use physics and Corona’s integration with Box2D was perfect for us to make  things even faster and easier than with Flash. Another great thing was the Corona simulator and the non-existing build times – this made it very fast and easy to change art and assets and test them out in the simulator. When we started working on our first bigger project with Corona, we found it very stable and were able to do almost everything we wanted without any problems. 

Our first Corona-built app was a new version of our popular Flash game Hanger for iPhone. We felt it had big potential as an iPhone game and knew Corona was the right tool for the job. The game has been well-received by players and has an average review score of 4.5 in the App Store. We’ll be releasing an Android version of the game soon, as Corona’s cross-platform development feature makes this process quick and easy.

We’re also using Corona SDK for a new mobile project. We strongly recommend Corona to developers who are looking to make high-quality 2D apps for mobile.

-Christian Östman, A Small Game

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  1. buder says:

    Oh, I actually bought this game recently and enjoyed it. Nice to know it was done in Corona.

  2. Joakim says:

    Super swedes!