App of the Week: Lingo Slingo

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I’m a firm believer that the best way to learn a foreign language is by incorporating as many senses as possible. This week’s App of the Week, Lingo Slingo, relies on touch, sound, and vision to help people of all ages master vocab words in six languages. Lingo Slingo was built by our very own Corona developer Jason Schroeder, in collaboration with Chungaboo, a publishing company that specializes in interactive educational content.

Lingo Slingo features a series of picture books, chock-full of common words in Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, English and French. The mini books include animated illustration of words such as fruits and vegetables, family members, animals and travels. Each page includes an interactive image along with the identifying word in two languages (I chose a combination of English and Chinese). Once you tap on the word, a pleasant voice pronounces it in both languages, integrating your auditory senses.

The game portion of the app offers a creative twist on traditional flashcards. Following the display of a word, a series of flashcards fly across the screen prompting you to tap the image associated with the text – it’s a great way to learn new words and reinforce familiar vocab.

After a few repetitions, I’m now armed with a handful of words in Chinese to chat on the weather, ask for a scoop of ice cream or inquire about the bus. Download Lingo Slingo for your iPad and expand your linguistic abilities!


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  1. Thanks Corona Labs for the App of the Week nod! It’s a real honor!

    Just an FYI that we changed the name of this app from “Lingo Slingo” to “Chungaboo Language Series” – but you can still find it by searching for “Lingo Slingo” in the app store. Thanks to all who check it out!

    Jason Schroeder
    Developer, Chungaboo Language Series