Guest Post: Learning Corona SDK (Tutorial DVD) by Rafael Hernandez

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Rafael Hernandez is a composer, teacher and Corona SDK developer. Most recently, Rafael created a video tutorial for beginners –Learning Corona SDK Tutorial DVD.” In his guest piece, Rafael shares information about that comprehensive, easy-to-use video tutorial, a course that’s great for developers of all levels to learn at their own pace.

I’m Rafael Hernandez, a composer, teacher, and nerd from the San Francisco Bay Area. First, many thanks to Corona Labs for offering me an opportunity to talk about the Corona SDK App Development Tutorial, a full-length video training course on Corona, published by Infinite Skills.

Corona & Me: A Brief History

I discovered Corona SDK in August 2010. I was familiar with other mobile development frameworks at the time and had just wrapped up a 10-week class earlier on another mobile framework. My experience with that framework (which I won’t name but will say that it was super duper bleeding edge – there was blood everywhere, it was so raw and untested!) left me wanting more for less out of mobile frameworks. I immediately saw Corona’s potential. If pressed, I can hunker down and program in Objective-C and get positive results. However, the amount of time, effort, and patience required to do this presents a significant obstacle to the creative process.

I’m a musician (my bio is available at I am always looking to riff, improvise, and jam with ideas while coding. Straight-up native programming with Obj-C wasn’t getting me there in 2010. I was impressed with the demo footage from Corona, and I decided to try it out. Lua was very easy to pick up and Corona’s APIs were straightforward. I was hooked and decided to get down and shred with the platform. In early 2011, I started to to author Corona tutorials for a class on interactivity with sound and music at California State University, East Bay, where I’m a tenured professor in the Multimedia Graduate Program and Music Department (I run both programs).

It’s my philosophy to share my video course materials openly, so I posted these under my YouTube moniker “cheetomoskeeto.” I wasn’t expecting these tutorials to be so popular and I was overwhelmed by the positive response. To this day, I get YouTube messages and emails from enthusiastic developers with questions about the videos and asking: when are you going to make more Corona tutorials?!

Enter Infinite Skills & Learning Corona SDK App Development

Earlier this year, I got an email from Infinite Skills to know if I was interested in authoring a full training title on developing apps with Corona for beginners. I just wrapped up a filming a similar title for another framework and was left wanting to do something on Corona. I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

I was offered a great amount of flexibility to shape the curriculum and set the tone and I spent 12 weeks filming almost 17 hours of unedited footage on a variety of topics, from getting started with Corona to teaching the Lua programming language. With help from the excellent editors at Infinite Skills, we created a solid title with 96 lessons and a running total of about 8 hours. I’m quite proud of this title and am confident it will aid new Corona users in developing their first mobile games and apps.

What’s Next

In Summer 2011, and over the span of just three weeks, I used Corona to code Simple Solfège, a melodic memory game aimed at musicians in training. I was pleased with the game’s modest but steady success in the App Store and Google Play, and I’m currently working on several additional Corona projects. Though I have tried other mobile frameworks that use Lua, Corona still has a significant edge when considering my need for balancing time and effort.

Will there be a follow up to the Learning Corona SDK App Development tutorial? I hope so. You can check out video here.

-Rafael Hernandez

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  1. Perry says:

    Really enjoyed the YouTube series. Will definitely check these videos out. Dr. Hernandez has a knack for shedding light on complex topics in Corona, even the basic topics as well.


  2. Chris Leyton says:

    Would like to thank Dr Hernandez – your videos helped a lot during my early days with Corona.

  3. Robert says:

    I enjoyed your YouTube series which I now see has been taken down. Is that because all the lessons you had on YouTube are now available in the DVD series? I have a friend who is starting to learn Corona and I wanted her to watch those videos which helped me out a lot. Will she get the same education now by getting the DVD?

    • @Robert,

      All of the topics covered on the YouTube videos before is covered in the Infinite Skills videos and then some. So yes, you friend will get the same education and will have even more to learn from.

  4. bpran says:

    Hi, I learn a lot by watching your videos,
    and I want to tell you I spotted typing mistake in your working files folder chapter 0402 inside the ‘end’ folder main.lua file.

    I think line 22 should be:
    if( ~= “bar”) then

    let me know if I am right 🙂

  5. Cheetomoskeeto is a brilliant instructor.. he’s lessons are easy to understand and his voice makes you want to listen more ..hhaha.. if i had the means, ill buy this DVD right away..
    SO glad that Dr.Rafael is here for aspiring Corona developers. 🙂

  6. mike kelly says:

    any educational discounts available?