Spriteloq 101 (Guest Post)

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Don Quach and his partner David Ngo, are the creators of Spriteloq, a tool that allows developers to import Flash SWFs in order to create spritesheets for Corona-made apps. Read on to learn more about Spriteloq, and how the tool helps developers leverage the power of Flash and the speed of Corona, to create high quality mobile content.

Before I discovered the Corona platform, I was working with Flash developing casual games, but I really wanted to create apps on mobile devices. Having spent years working with Flash and Adobe’s tools, I got accustomed to working with heavy weight tools that gave me a lot of power and flexibility but were very slow. Slow to startup, slow to run, memory hungry and money hungry.

When I found Corona, the speed of development and performance on mobile devices really sold me on the platform. So I built Spriteloq to be able to leverage my experience, software and art assets in Corona. While getting art assets into Corona is about as easy as it gets with one line of code, we still have to consider things like performance, texture memory management, blah blah blah. I just want to make apps fast!

So Spriteloq was created to deal with those issues, and to focus on making games. It started out as a simple tool for importing Flash SWFs to create spritesheets for Corona and get them animating in my apps with minimum fuss. With a couple clicks and a few lines of code, you can get your Flash art into Corona in a minute.

Now Spriteloq is a very robust tool that lets you easily utilize all the features of Corona to maximize performance and minimize texture memory usage. It also makes it super easy to handle exporting sheets at multiple scales, create physics shapes for your sprites, and the API has lots of goodies to help you focus on building your apps faster.

Spriteloq’s workflow has been optimized to match Corona’s ability to allow you to iterate quickly. It’s an indispensable tool for hundreds of Corona developers. It’s been battle tested in games like Loqheart’s Cannon Cat, JadyNut’s JetRats Defense, and Elevate Entertainment’s Mosquito Madness.

If you’re a former or current Flash dev using Corona, do yourself a favor and checkout Spriteloq http://loqheart.com/spriteloq.

-Don Quach

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