Corona: New release + iOS 6 + iPhone 5

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New Release

Today, I’m happy to announce a new public release (2012.894) available for download! With this release, Corona SDK works seamlessly with the Gatekeeper feature on Mac OS X 10.8. Previously, you had to disable certain Gatekeeper defaults that prevented users from installing apps they download from the Internet.

We’ve also added a ton of new features and bug fixes. Here are just a few highlights:

* Multisprite support added to “display.newSprite”
* Capture a portion of the screen via “display.captureBounds”
* Photo library support for “”
* Upgraded the physics Box2D library to v2.2.1
* Added ‘gravityScale’ property to Physics Body and added several new properties to joint types
* Mac Simulator workflow improvements (remembers zoom levels, skinless windows, etc)
* Lua debug information on “developer” device builds
* Android WebViews

You can view the complete and extensive list in the Corona release notes.

iOS 6 Beta

Last week, I discussed our policy for handling future OS updates in response to our recent experience working around issues introduced by the latest OS updates from Apple and Google.

One of the challenges is that Apple is notoriously secretive. They want everyone to be under NDA. In the past, this meant we were unable to enable device builds that targeted the latest iOS beta versions.

We think we’ve found a way to square the circle.

Sometime in the next week, we are going to allow you to choose between the standard build or the iOS 6 Beta. That way, you can start building your apps for iOS 6 and testing them out (see screenshot).

There’s just one catch: you have to be enrolled in Apple’s iOS Developer Program (i.e. pay the $99 fee). As an Apple program member, you’ll also be bound by Apple’s NDA. It’s also the only way to get and install the latest iOS betas on your phone.

We plan to get this out into a daily build within the next week.

iPhone 5

Lots of rumors and leaked photos out there. From what we understand, the iPhone 5 will likely be unveiled mid-September and released in late September. Historically, Apple has launched a new iOS version at the same time as a new iPhone, so we expect iOS 6 to be launched then as well.

If you believe the rumors, then the new screen size 1136×640 makes the new iPhone 5 taller than the iPhone 4’s 960×640. Same width, but tall enough to fit an extra row of app icons on the home screen.

If true, that means we’ll be adding a new simulator skin. We’re also overdue for some new Android screen sizes, i.e. 1200×800. If there are others, let me know so I can add them to the list.

Whatever the case, we predict it’s going to fly off the shelves, especially for the iPhone 3G/3GS holdouts (like me!)

Alright, that’s it for this week! Tom will be back next Wed with our regularly scheduled FAQ.

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This entry has 19 replies

  1. Do you expect we will HAVE to build and resubmit our apps for iOS 6/iPhone 5, similar to how we had to for the iPad 3? That was a major headache, and I’d like to not be required to roll out new versions of all my iOS apps.

  2. AW says:

    no iAds.
    no nook store iap
    no amazon iap
    no gamecenter multiplayer.

    Crucial things for modern app monetization.

    • Stas says:

      +1 for Amazon & Nook IAP

      • Walter says:

        Amazon IAP, iAds, and gamecenter multiplayer are on the list.

        I’ve reconfirmed with the B&N folks today: the NOOK does not currently offer IAP.

  3. Tayari says:

    Where can I find the documentation for: display.captureBounds?

    • Ali says:

      Hi Tayari, You can find it in the bundled docs along with the latest daily build.

      • Tayari says:

        Thanks, I just figured that it would be in the regular documentation as they also announced it als a feature that is in the regular release.

        From now on I will use the daily docs.

  4. Chris says:

    gravityScale sounds amazing. I guess documentations will follow.
    Also the two new blendingModes will come in handy (screen and multiply, for those who missed it)

    • Andreas says:

      gravityScale is really cool, I use it all the time:

      mySprite.gravityScale = 1

      “1” is the default value, by multiplying the value with the box2D gravity the gravity for mySprite is computed.

      => mySprite.gravityScale = 0 — no gravity for this sprite, it starts to stay in place
      => mySprite.gravityScale = -1 — inverted gravity, sprite start floating upwards


  5. @ Tayari – If you have access to the daily builds then you can download the docs for 894. I’m guessing it won’t be long before the public online ones will be updated though.

  6. Walter says:

    Yes, the online docs were an oversight. We’ll be updating those tomorrow.

  7. For anyone that is interested, I have made a very simple demo to show display.captureBounds –

  8. Dave Baxter says:

    Just downloaded this and rebuilt my app with it, everything seems to work fine apart from one graphic (used with Particle Candy) seemed to be massive. Have reduced it down and all is fine but weird how it was the only graphic in the whole game that seem to be affected. It was like it was double it’s size, originally it was 128×128 and in the code referenced with the same size.


  9. Richie G says:

    Any ideas how “letterbox” will work on new iPhone 5.. or what the equivalent setting will be to get an app built for 960×480 iphone to “just work” on new iPhone 5?.. without the need to add new borders/frames or extended art work

  10. Bernardo says:

    I’m loving the updates, very impressive.
    Good work!
    Go go go team!

  11. Nick says:

    Have you also updated new properties for joint types in Corona Docs?
    Can’t find them anywhere..


  12. Nick says:

    AWESOME JOB on Rope Joint Ansca Team!!! Thank you soo much for this!
    Been waiting almost a year..

  13. Nick G says:

    Box 2d 2.2.1

    About time 🙂

  14. Flash says:

    Latest Corona release is already compatible with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), right?

    Additional helpful simulator sizes:
    1280 x 800
    1440 x 900
    1920 x 1200
    1920 x 1280

    Thanks for all you do!!!