Designers and Learning Corona SDK

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A guest post by Tomas Martinez Buero, Corona Ambassador in Madrid, Spain. He talks about how designers can quickly learn to develop with Corona SDK and its implication for development teams. Together with Microfusa, he is organizing courses for designers to learn Corona in Spain.

Our company, Inkubica Labs, develops interactive books and educational games for phones and tablets, and it is critical that the apps we develop for our customers have excellent graphic design. This is why our projects have not only developers, but also integrate our own designers and those of our clients. However, very often we have faced communication problems between designers and developers, almost as if they were speaking different languages.

At the same time, everyone knows how difficult it can be to find strong and experienced mobile developers. And when you can find them, they are very often already extremely busy and also very expensive. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to find good graphic designers.

Given these two factors, we’ve decided that the best course of action is to work with designers and bring them up to speed in terms of more effectively working with developer teams, and even having them develop apps on their own! This is not always easy – at the time we were analyzing the native environments of iOS and Android, we realized that they were very complex and unattainable for most graphic designers. But this is where the choice of Corona SDK comes in: besides the its core advantages (cross-platform, speed of development, developer community, maturity of technology, etc.), it is very easy to learn and the workflow makes it easy for designers to pick up.

With today’s market demand for mobile developers, the opportunities for graphic designers with programming skills are huge. And getting a start now, with an environment like Corona SDK, would be a great move. If they find they like development, their grounding in Corona SDK will serve them well. But even if they decide they do not want to develop more extensively, their new development skills will allow them to speak the same language as developers, and be more effective on development teams, understanding and modifying code when needed.

It is our goal to encourage these outcome and we have partnered with Microfusa, one of the most prestigious training centers for audio technicians and graphic designers in Spain, to launch two courses aimed at designers, one on the basics and one on more advanced development topics of developing apps with Corona SDK.

The methodology we use in our classes puts more emphasis on practice than on theory, and as soon as a concept is learned, the students develop short programs that implement the concept. So the first “hello world” the student does in his/her life is made with Corona SDK, where they can see the results immediately in the simulator, and within minutes they have it on a phone or a tablet. That experience is amazing for people who believe that it is incredibly difficult to write few lines of code, and something that becomes extraordinary when they see their app on their own phone. This point is especially important, because something that can be considered boring and only suitable for technologists, is really not that difficult and it’s even fun!

For those who are interested to know more, here is the information about the courses:

Building apps for smartphones and tablets with Corona SDK – Initialization

Building apps for smartphones and tablets with Corona SDK – Advanced

On Monday, September 10th, here in Madrid, we will deliver an informational session about the courses.

Please join us!

Tomas Martinez Buero, @mbtomas
Partner, Inkubica Labs
Madrid, Spain

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