App of the Week: Gotta Feed Garp

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Who knew a baby monster could be so darn cute? Gotta Feed Garp is a fun physics-based game for iOS, starring Garp, a newly-hatched monster with a healthy appetite. Developed by Paper Robot Studios, you’ll find yourself immersed in the game, happily feeding Garp snacks for hours on end.

By touching, pulling back, aiming and releasing a snack (oranges, cookies and other tasty treats) into Garp’s mouth, you can keep the newborn full and satisfied. You can also earn extra points by hitting floating stars along the way, however make sure to avoid the obstacles that keep your snacks from reaching Garp. You don’t want to keep him hungry – after all, he’s a baby that’s sprouting both horns and fangs.

I loved the silly sounds and upbeat music, ranging from the playful game tunes to Garp’s munching and chomping. Featuring 80 increasingly challenging levels, the Cut the Rope-like graphics, beautiful pastel colors and stellar animations all come together to create an awesome game.

Download Gotta Feed Garp for your iOS device and let us know what you think!

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  1. Kyle says:

    Fantastic Game! I love the whimsical art and layered paper effect. The gameplay is comfortably challenging with fun gameplay twists. It would be great to see even more elements that influence gameplay e.g. gravity fields, bubbles, rotating cannons that shoot on finger tap. In all, great music,art, and gameplay. I played it through to the end. Well done! Good luck with downloads.


  2. Misty says:

    Nice review. I am also a recent addict. My husband and I are constantly comparing who has the most stars, and I must say I am lagging behind, which is tough since I’m such a sore loser. 😉 This game is much more challenging than Cut the Rope or Angry Birds, but somehow I don’t get so frustrated I want to quit, you know?
    Kyle, what a great idea to incorporate environmental elements like no gravity in the space or water levels or having water cannons…think of all the amazing possibilities! Paper Robots, are you taking notes?! I love how the game play changes with each food item…have you noticed you can move the loose Legos? I wish we could move the wooden beams, too. That would add yet another element. Hmm…
    Anyway, I agree that this is definitely the app of the week! Well said, Corona.

  3. Paper Robot says:

    We are most definitely listening!

    Lots more levels to come and some BIG surprises.

    We are busy inventing new obstacles/features, possibly including bubbles, switches that change gravity, and lots more that I can’t yet reveal.

    But I will reveal this… we are working on a drag-n-drop real time level builder. That’s right, make and share your own crazy levels. It’ll be super easy to use and instantly playable. The ability to move around loose legos was a tiny hint of things to come! And soooo much more…

    Earl @ Paper Robot