Who knew combining a multi-player guessing game with photo sharing could be such a blast? Turns out it’s the recipe for an awesome app: the Corona-built Peek! game for iOS. Thanks to Corona SDK’s cross-platform feature, a Google Play release is in the works.

The concept is simple: just snap a photo, label your creation, and share with a friend via the Facebook integration, or with a randomly assigned player. Once you receive a photo, the app breaks it down to a 4×4 grid and hides the image. To take a peek at the shared image, you tap a tile and a portion of the photo is revealed. Of course, the fewer peeks you take, the higher your score. Once you’re ready to take a stab at guessing the contents of the photo, type in a word and hit “send.”

Peek! is great for players that prefer a guessing game with photos, as opposed to drawn images such as in Draw & Guess for NOOK. Download Peek! for your iPhone/iPad, and let us know your high score!

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