Friday Night Forum: Adoption Rates for iOS 6 on the Rise

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Within just over a week of release, iOS 6 adoption rates are soaring. A combined total of 44.58% of iPads and iPhones have been upgraded, despite the disappointing reception of Apple’s home-brewed Map app. The ability to download iOS 6 wirelessly is one likely reason for the impressive rate of early adoption.

As a San Francisco native, Google Maps’ transit feature is my lifeline for navigating around the city. However, I’ll admit that iOS 6 offers a handful of compelling features that make the upgrade increasingly tempting. Some of the most popular perks and features include a superior Safari experience, Facebook integration, Passbook, and a Siri that’s just a bit smarter.

By now, the majority of you have updated your devices. We want to know: what’s your favorite new iOS 6 feature?

*Just a reminder – as of Daily Build 919, all Corona builds are compatible with iOS 6.


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  1. Greg Pugh says:

    I have to say, I was eagerly awaiting iOS 6 for the new iPad, but haven’t been impressed by anything. The features are okay, but not spectacular. I have a feeling Mr. Jobs wouldn’t be thrilled by Apple Maps and lack of innovation. 4G, bigger screen, better camera…even the new devices aren’t anything great.

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