Beetle Bounce takes the basics of billiards, adds a dash of chaos, and an army of critters to create a fun-filled, casual game. Developed in just six months, Beetle Bounce is the work of Naomi Kokubo, a talented and self-taught indie game developer. Taking advantage of Corona SDK’s cross-platform capabilities, the game has enjoyed widespread exposure on the App Store, Google Play, NOOK Apps and Amazon Appstore.

The objective is to clear the beetles off the screen by bouncing them into little swirls, and racking up points. Each of the 27 levels is complete with rocket bumpers, shooting stars, and spiky giants. The critters’ squeals, grunts, and kissing noises make this quirky experience more fun, and the lovely pastel colors and well-designed graphics are very pleasant.

Beetle Bounce is available for download on the App Store, Google Play, NOOK Apps and Amazon Appstore.


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