Corona: Update on Nook HD

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I wanted to give you an update on the new NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ and what you need to do (not much) to get your Corona apps ready for these higher resolution devices.

First, you will have to resubmit your apps. The deadline is Oct 15 if you want your app to be available in the new NOOK HD Storefront when the new devices become available in November. NOOK Developer tells us that they are asking all NOOK developers to resubmit their apps for the new devices, as the interface on those devices has been revamped from the one on older NOOK devices.

Second, if you have been using content scaling, then you should be ready to go. In fact, the NOOK team has told us that they expect to be able to give a thumbs-up to Corona apps much more quickly than the average app because most Corona apps are already capable of handling multiple resolutions and screen sizes.

Now, when you resubmit, be sure you use daily build 925 or higher. 

Incidentally, this build addresses a previous issue of apps not running on the new NOOK devices (for which you may have received an e-mail from NOOK Developer with the blanket term “DRM”). This normally wouldn’t have been an issue, but they made breaking changes to some key APIs. We’ve worked together to ensure these issues don’t come up again.

More importantly, we’ve gotten a prototype NOOK HD and have done some quick tests against that daily build.

So far, we’ve only found one minor issue. This issue affects all OpenGL-based apps (not just Corona), and we have notified the NOOK team of the issue. This issue is very intermittent and only occurs on apps that have static content being displayed. Occasionally, you will get a blank screen when the app resumes from being suspended. This tends to happen with extremely simple content.

We are currently waiting to get feedback from the NOOK Developer team. In the meantime, if your app is static when it resumes (no animation), we do have a workaround you can use if you absolutely must submit now. It’s a trick to tell Corona to invalidate one second after the resume:

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  1. Chris Leyton says:

    Yet to develop for Nook (might do now its getting a UK release), but just wanted to say thanks Walter for this type of article. The proactive approach and heads up is exactly what developers need – I realise it’s always going to be harder for behemoths like Apple, but just wanted to say more of this please.

  2. Jen Looper says:

    Thank you for this! As Chris says, this is exactly what we need. I do have another problem with Nook that I’m hoping someone can help me on – my app was rejected due to the ‘audio not working’ according to their testers. Of course it’s fine on my simulator. Has anyone else seen this or will this new build fix it?


    • adrianeraldo says:

      Hey Jen, I have a Nook Color for testing, if you want I can help you.
      PM and let me know.

    • adrianeraldo says:

      Now this same thing is happening to me too. The sound works on the simulator but not on the device. Anyone?

  3. David says:

    Hi Jen – we haven’t seen/heard of an audio issue. Have you tested on an older Nook to see if there is an issue there?

  4. Rob says:

    ……..”we do have a workaround you can use if you absolutely must submit now.”………

    I understand we are waiting on feedback from the NOOK Developer team. Do we think we will have a solution before their October 15th deadline? I realize that is a week and a half away, just trying to plan accordingly.


  5. jonaAPPS says:

    Thanks for the quick turnaround. I submitted a new version to B&N yesterday with build 925, and it has passed the technical review.

  6. David says:

    Rob – we will certainly try to have a fully tested and approved solution well before the deadline. We are working with NOOK Developer and internally to get to this. We’ll have a further update as soon as possible.

  7. Walter says:
  8. AW says:

    I used 925 but my previously accepted Nook apps are now getting rejected.
    Anyone know what the rejection means>

    Files: Rejected: This app has “No Main Activity” when running the QA

    • Joshua Quick says:


      This means that your APK’s AndroidManifest.xml file is missing the MAIN and LAUNCHER intent filters which are required by all Android apps. This typically happens to people who hack their APK using something like “apktool”, which has been known to strip out needed settings. So, did you do this?

      Just so you know, I’ve sent an APK built with the newest daily build to Barnes & Noble and they said it did not have this issue. It passed.

  9. Ken Rogoway says:

    We were just rejected using Build 925 for this reason:

    “The user interface of your app is not appropriately scaled for the Nook family of devices and their displays”.

    All we do is scale our source art to whatever dimensions Corona returns in the display.contentWidth, display.contentHeight variables.

    This works for EVERY other device we have shipped on. I have to guess that the content width and height are not being set properly by Corona. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

    Also, the documentation for the system.getInfo(“model”) hasn’t been updated to provide developers a list of model #’s to detect what type of Nook hardware we are running on.

  10. David says:

    Ken – we have contacted Nook and are waiting to hear re: your issue.

  11. AW says:

    That’s very weird. I do not touch the APK generated by Corona at all.
    I’ve also tried using build 928 and the same rejection occurred.

    Is there anything else that would cause these settings to not be included? As far as I know, I don’t have control over these settings.

    • Joshua Quick says:


      It’s possible that invalid Android settings in your “build.settings” file can generate an invalid AndroidManifest.xml in the returned APK. I suggest that you have a second look at your “build.settings” file for any possible errors. If you’re not sure if anything is wrong, then please send a bug report and attach this file to it for us to have a look at. You can do so by clicking the “Report a Bug” link at the top of this web page.

      To help prevent this problem, we’ll be adding an extra level of error checking to our build servers tomorrow which would cause a build failure if the above issue ever happens.

  12. adrianeraldo says:

    It happened to me too. My app got rejected when rebuilt with 925. I haven’t changed anything and the app works on the simulator but not on the Nook Color I have. Specifically the audio.stop() that used to work before now with 925 doesn’t…

    • Jen Looper says:

      Adrian, sorry I haven’t replied sooner. Trying to figure out my audio issue…I need to get my hands on a device. My app was rejected for several reasons but the one that worries me most is the audio. Did you figure out a solution?

  13. Luciane says:

    Is the Nook HD+ view available on Corona simulator?
    My app has failed because of some button graphic being partly off-screen only on the HD+, how do I see it?

  14. Has anyone figured out what is going on with audio on the nook? My app, which was already approved for iOS, just got rejected by Nook, “audio not working”. Works on simulator, haven’t been able to test it on an actual Nook.

  15. Ran says:

    We’re using build 996 and this workaround is not working on the Nook Tablet we’re testing on when the app resumes from suspend.

    We added a print statement in here:
    timer.performWithDelay( 1000, function()
    display.currentStage.alpha = 1.0

    The print statement shows in the logcat, the screen stays completely black, and we are able to click on buttons (that we can’t see) and the logcat shows us that the app is running, but there is never anything visible on the screen from that point on.

    Any other ideas? Any word from NOOK?
    We’d love to submit these apps but afraid they’ll be rejected for turning to a blank black screen once the device suspends.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Ran says:

    Tried it with the latest stable build – 971 – and this workaround worked.
    Might be worth noting that it’s not working in the later (daily) builds.

  17. Vasant says:

    We’re using build 999 and this workaround is not working on the Nook HD/HD+ when the app resumes from suspend.

    Does that mean we have to go back to the stable build 971 till the bug is fixed?