More Updates: iOS 6, NOOK HD, CoronaGeek Hangout

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Some more updates on Corona!

First, I wanted to point you Tom’s iOS 6 FAQ. Apple introduced a lot of bugs in iOS 6. We’ve worked around them in the engine or suggested workarounds that you can use.

Second, we’ve gotten a chance to do more testing on the NOOK HD prototype we got from the NOOK team. We found various issues that we’re working with the NOOK team to resolve, as these seem like bugs that the NOOK team will want to resolve for all apps, not just Corona:

  • The virtual keyboard causes a resize event, causing touches to be incorrectly offset.
  • Resuming an app sometimes shows a black screen if nothing is being animated. This happens rarely — only on specific situations (no animation occurring when app resumes from suspend) — and there’s a simple workaround that I mentioned at the bottom of Monday’s post.
  • The navigation bar half covers a fullscreen video player’s media controls.
  • The native activity indicator is not working

We did find an issue in MapViews where the view is not following your finger even though it’s registering touches. We’re not sure if this is an issue with NOOK or with our implementation (however, it does work everywhere else, even old NOOKs!)

We also found a WebView/WebPopup crash related to some JNI stuff. We fixed that and it will be available starting in daily build 927.

So where does that leave you? Well, if you submitted with daily build 925, you’re probably fine. If you need WebView/WebPopups, wait for tomorrow’s build. And we’re working with the NOOK team to make sure they fix the bugs we listed above.

* * *

Once we get past some of these issues, I’ll finally have some space on this blog to share our roadmap and where we’re headed.

If you can’t wait, you can get a small preview. I talked about that as well as a bunch of other cool stuff with the CoronaGeek folks this morning. Watch the hangout video below. (Oh, and if it looks like my eyes are closed, that’s because I’m looking at the others in the chat window instead of the camera — it’s weird talking to a camera!)

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  1. Thank you again Walter for spending time with us today on the Corona Geek hangout. It was good to hear you talk about the creative side of Corona today and to get a sense of the passion you have for the developer community. Oh and I agree, talking to the camera does take some getting used to. I still haven’t gotten the swing of it yet. You did a great job I thought.