Heads up: Storyboard + Widget

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Just wanted to give you a quick heads up that starting in Corona daily build 928, we checked in a bunch of fixes for bugs in the storyboard and widget libraries. We also did some plumbing work on the widget library that lays the foundation for the next generation of widgets (more on that later).

We want to make sure we haven’t introduced any regressions to either libraries, i.e. we didn’t break something by trying to fix another bug, which is why we’re giving you the heads up!

Below are a list of bugs that were fixed.


  • 15040 – Storyboard overlayEnded stack overflow when calling gotoScene
  • 17590 – Storyboard immediate scene transitions cause simulator to hang when using Runtime::addEventListener in enterScene.
  • 15384 – modal overlays let touch events through if x < 0
  • 15264 – Storyboard: overlayEnded being called infinitely
  • 15781 – Storyboard transition when using letterbox and universal app
  • 15257 – Memory Leak with storyboard.printMemUsage()
  • 16540 – enterScene called multiple times
  • 14794 – effect time in storyboard.hideOverlay()


  • 16094 – tableView methods scrollToY() not taking topPadding property into account, and scrollToIndex() not working.
  • 15293 – Inconsistent size property of Button widget’s label) – By adding method setLabelSize( newSize ) method
  • 17029 – tableViews/scrollView widgets scrolling does not stop on tap
  • 16605 – listener not working in newTableView
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  1. 17029 – tableViews/scrollView widgets scrolling does not stop on tap

    This is the bug I couldn’t fix it myself using code! 🙂

  2. JCH_APPLE says:

    “Next generation of widgets”, waiting that !

  3. Joe says:

    I am having trouble with what I think should be an easy storyboard issue. Please advise!

    Here is the simplified setup:

    function pauseListener(event)
    if “clicked” == event.action then
    local i = event.index
    if 1 == i then

    elseif 2 == i then
    storyboard.gotoScene( “scripts.levelSelect”) — this crashes!

    function onPauseBtnRelease()
    native.showAlert(“Paused”,”Test”, {“Resume”,”Level Select”},pauseListener)
    –storyboard.gotoScene( “scripts.levelSelect”) –works if called here

    Whenever I attempt to use storyboard.gotoScene after a native.showAlert call or a storyboard.showOverlay menu, I get the following error:

    Runtime error
    bad argument #-2 to ‘insert’ (Proxy expected, got nil)
    stack traceback:
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function ‘insert’
    ?: in function ‘?’
    ?: in function ‘gotoScene’
    …circleTen/circleTenRebuild/scripts/levels/level1.lua:28: in function

    • Stephen says:

      I am experiencing the same issue. gotoScene called after native.alert causes this issue.

      • Alan says:

        I mentioned this exact issue on a forum on Monday, and was asked to submit a bug with a test build. I haven’t had time to do it yet unfortunately.

  4. Hey Joe,

    Did you manage to find a work around for your issue, I too have just experienced it.



  5. Ilhee Kim says:

    I’ve got just the same problem.

    Is anybody who solved this problme?


    Ilhee Kim

    • Rob Miracle says:

      If you are experiencing an error like this, can you build a small sample that demonstrates it, and file a bug report using the “Report a Bug” link above.