App of the Week: Minu

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This weekend, I set out to bake the perfect banana bread. I put Minu to the test, a beautifully crafted timer that ensured my bread was baked just right. Simple in design and gorgeous in construction, users have embraced Minu as it’s climbed the Top 10 chart for utility apps in Germany, Poland and Austria. Minu was created by PXL:Artificer Studios in Tokyo and is a cross-platform mobile app, developed with Corona SDK.

Minu features a clean UI and a well-designed dial that functions as a timer and stopwatch. To set the 45 minute mark for my banana bread, I turned the dial clockwise and pressed the start button – easy as that. When the time was up, the app made a pleasant ringing noise, reminding me to take the bread out of the oven. If I wanted to use the stopwatch function, I could set the dial to 00:00 and press start to activate. One of my favorite Minu features is the ability to reset the timer and stopwatch by shaking my device in the pause mode.

Minu is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play, with unique skins and new features available for a $.99 upgrade. It’s beautiful, user-friendly, and most importantly, useful for any cooking endeavor.

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This entry has 5 replies

  1. Jose Silva says:

    NIce looking app. Very polished. Congrats!!!

  2. JP says:

    Aesthetically it looks great. But looks are everything. Functionally it is limited in that the app does not keep track of time in the background. It would be nice if you kept track of time during suspend and then accounted for the time change upon resume.

    • JP says:

      Haha… meant “aren’t everything” of course

    • Nick says:

      It says in the video that it does?

  3. Lam Cobe says:

    This is fantastic example of how app should be designed. Bravo!