Friday Night Forum: Rumors of iPad Mini

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It’s widely believed that Apple will announce a new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, as well as the iPad Mini at their special invite-only event on October 23. If the rumors are true, the iPad Mini will hit stores on November 2, just in time for the holiday season.

Though Apple is tight-lipped on the details, leaked sources hint that the iPad Mini will feature a 7.85 inch touchscreen display, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and an entry level price of $250-$350. Brandon Russell of Technobuffalo believes that Apple could very well drown out the competition, as long as the iPad Mini is priced similarly to its rivals.

How do you predict the iPad Mini will fare, compared to rivals such as the Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7?

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  1. J. A. Whye says:

    While I remember being (pleasantly) shocked when Jobs announced the price of the first iPad, I don’t think that will happen again — that it’s much less than what people expect. In fact, I think it will be $50-$100 more than similar Android offerings.

    Yes, the screen will be an inch larger and yes, with the iPad Air/Mini/Jr you get the whole iOS ecosystem, but I think people will just look at “small tablet, cost more than the others” and move along.

    Hope I’m wrong, but unless they come in at $199 I don’t think it will do anything to the people who were already planning on buying a Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD.

  2. Brent Sorrentino says:

    My prediction: the iPad Mini will succeed because it fills the void of the “bigger than a phone (display)” but “easier to carry around and travel with” than an iPad. However, the Kindle line will continue to grow and gain a market share because of Amazon’s clout and dominance (yes, even over Apple) in the eBook market and for those who aren’t as hard-core about apps… call it the “casual tablet user” market. The Nexus7 will likely flop (relatively) because it offers no decided advantage over Apple’s Mini, technologically, nor over Amazon’s loyal book-loving customer base which demands a proven book market plus popular apps, movies, etc. via Amazon Prime.

    Last year, stores couldn’t keep enough Kindles and Nooks in store to satisfy the holiday shoppers. If this year is similar, and Apple enters the market with the Mini along with Kindle HD, Kindle paper-white, etc., I doubt most people will care about a tablet from Google just because it’s Google.