This week, we challenge you to kick your visual-spatial skills into gear with Envelope HD. Created by the developers of Goodapps, Envelope features a clever game concept and stimulating gameplay. The app’s beautiful graphics, soothing colors, and challenging puzzles will captivate players of all ages.

The mind-bending Envelope asks that you overlap 3D geometric shapes by dragging points with your finger. As the complexity of each levels increases, the slider option gives you a nudge in the right direction, helping you correctly render the image. Battling through each brain teaser is well worth the struggle, and I found myself getting completely lost in the game. Completing a difficult level was so gratifying that I couldn’t help but move to the next puzzle.

So give your brain a workout and download Envelope HD on your iPad. I guarantee you’ll have a tough time putting it down.

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  1. Thank you for your message! It’s a big pleasure for us, the developers, to have good feedbacks on our work.

    The Envelope team

  2. Bought it and liked it. I really like puzzle games and this was a great idea. I hope you update it with more irregular start meshes and additional levels too.

    Merci et bonne chance!

    • Dear Jens,

      Thanks for your message! In fact we are thinking about a further release including better shape definition, navigation, and UI.
      We are now working on a new game for late 2012, thus stay tuned with our website:

      …Et encore merci à vous 😉

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