Guest Post: London’s First Corona SDK Meetup

Corona Ambassador
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Today’s guest post is from Matthew Webster, our Corona Ambassador in London. Matt hosted his first Corona SDK meetup in September and shares his experience from the event.

We met up at Navajo Joe’s in the heart of the very sunny and active London’s Covent Garden on a Saturday morning. About nine of us showed up, sitting around a few tables, drinking coffee, sharing war stories, and talking about learning curves.

Throughout the morning, we talked about the things we love about Corona – speed to development, how easy it is to learn, and cross-platform capabilities, as well as the things we’d like to see improved such as device/simulator feature parity, feature completion, and increased iOS feature sets. We had everyone from the brand new developer, who had only recently picked up Corona within a couple of months, to the very experienced developer, having been in mobile gaming for more than 10 years and finding Corona the quickest to market.

There were many code questions discussed and we all wanted to know how everyone approached different parts of application design. It was really nice to actually meet the people behind a piece of code in the Code Exchange. We also talked about the make and break of success stories, such as Angry Birds and Tiny Wings, and compared them to our own experiences. While we all agreed there’s no guaranteed formula, one great idea from the day was advertising one another’s work within our own apps. We’ll have to see where this takes us, but we’re all really excited to get more exposure for our hard work.

It was very encouraging to see developers with such a wide range of experience picking up Corona. We’re excited to continue to plan more gatherings and increase our social network of Corona fans. Of course, we’ll be meeting in the future with more food-related events (a great idea to get started with), as well as with tutorials and walk-throughs from successful developers with tips to share.

Big thanks to Sunil for suggesting a brunch and huge thanks to Anil for getting us the space to meet up. We took a bunch of pictures of the meetup and the great surroundings and are excited for our next event.

Matthew Webster
Corona Ambassador, London

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  1. Pablo Isidro says:

    Hello. I don’t know how to say thanks to the Corona SDK team, I’ve started last week and now i can’t sleep, I wake up at night thinking, working with the design and the code.. It’s really easy how you can see the game working in a few time, and for android and iOS at the same time!