App of the Week: Thief Job

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Steve is a pint-sized thief with dreams of becoming rich. After reading about a billion dollar museum exhibit in the paper, he hopes to perform the biggest heist in history. Your goal is to help Steve outrun the night shift policeman who’s on guard to keep the exhibit safe. Developed by Tekko Games, Thief Job is a simple, polished, and highly entertaining game for iOS.

As you jump from building to building to avoid the police officer, you can also collect coins to unlock achievements. There’s an option to purchase extra upgrades such as clothing disguises and special escape items such as banana peels and magnets for the getaway.

I especially enjoyed the game’s impressive attention to detail – from the characters’ facial expressions to the unique background imagery. Thief Job’s interesting backstory and quirky characters were the first first game elements to get my attention, and once I dug in, I loved the simple game mechanics and awesome graphics.

For a limited time, Thief Job is available as a free download in the App Store. Snag Thief Job during the promotional period, and help Steve make a successful getaway.

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  1. This is a nice idea for an gaming App, check this site for recent App trend and ideas…it got me started

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