Today, we’re thrilled to share the news that Electronic Arts (EA) has developed their latest Word Smack game with (drum roll please!), everyone’s favorite cross-platform development platform. That’s right, one of the world’s largest game publishers has incorporated Corona into their arsenal, to develop first-class mobile content.

The Corona team loves a good guessing game, and EA’s Word Smack takes the cake. A mashup of two popular board games, Mastermind and Scrabble, Word Smack is a clever 2-player game that challenges players to guess a 5-letter word in 3 rounds. To get you started, the game provides letters on a board, and challenges you to fill in the remaining letter slots.

Don’t be fooled – this game is tough! Thankfully, Word Smack gives you a nudge in the right direction, providing a heads up when you pick the right letter but place it in the wrong slot, among other hints. The Facebook integration allows for friendly competition among friends, or gives you the option to play against a random opponent. Ultimately, your goal is to guess words faster than your rival.

For word game junkies, there’s an option to purchase power-ups that help you along the way. Power-ups can provide word synonyms, reveal additional letters, or knock out unplayable letters.

Word Smack launched just today – snag it for free on the App Store!

  1. This pretty awesome. It also goes to show that Corona SDK is capable and versatile enough for anyone to make an exciting.

    I have to wonder though. When they got done with their project did they smack their heads and say, “Why didn’t we use Corona SDK sooner?”

  2. Very interesting and great for Corona.

    Couple of questions –

    Why did they go with a framework, I presume all their other apps are in obj-c (they might not be). I know Bad Piggies was done in a framework, I presume they do it for cross platform speed.

    Why did they choose Corona (did you have a talks before hand etc…) ?


  3. So is it the platform or developer’s fault the game’s networking Is a bug-riddled cesspool in which every fifth game or so is rendered unplayable and the application must be restarted constantly because it can’t recover from a disconnect despite being asynchronous?

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