App of the Week: Mermaid Princess Puzzles

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The best children’s apps are simple, vibrant, easy to use and most importantly fun. Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles, the Corona App of the Week, is a collaboration between developer Scott Adelman, and children’s illustrator Laura Tallardy. A true example of cross-platform mobile development, Mermaid Princess Puzzles is available on the App Store, Amazon Appstore, NOOK Apps, and Google Play.

Mermaid Princess Puzzles offers bright, playful illustrations that are perfect for keeping the attention of a young child. The app features 12 beautiful mermaid puzzles for toddler and preschool-aged children to practice their motor skills and solve increasingly challenging puzzles. As there aren’t any pop-ups or ads, you can rest assured that your children won’t stumble onto inappropriate content.

For children traveling on a long plane flight or road trip, Mermaid Princess Puzzles is just the thing to keep them entertained. Be sure to check out additional interactive, kid-friendly apps from Kevin and Laura at and

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  1. I’m browsing the app of the week list just now, is it just me or all these app of the week s are pretty much children’s app or casual games ? Are these the only kinda games that can be popular in the market today or is it just a matter of preference?

    Is there anyone out there who created good core/semi core games (action/strategy) with Corona SDK?

  2. Laura T says:

    Thanks so much for featuring our app as App of the Week!! 🙂 So proud & thrilled!!

    • Emanouel P says:

      Congratulations Laura. good job

    • Eric Kinkead says:

      batgirl7171117171 you rock! So proud of you!

    • Rakoonic says:

      Congratulations on being picked Laura, I love the fact you do the artwork yourself 🙂

  3. Joe Kauffman says:

    Congrats, Laura!

    • Laura T says:

      Thanks so much, Joe! 🙂

  4. Ale says:

    Hi Laura,
    so awesome!



  5. john oliver says:

    Cute app. I will sure get this app for my daughter. She likes the fairy tales games and stories.. Am sure she will like this game as well…..