Last week I alluded to a new public release that’s coming. Today, the latest Corona public release is available for download to developers everywhere!

There’s a ton of features, improvements and bug fixes. You can read about them here in the 2012.971 release notes.

The mobile industry has established a pattern of releasing devices in the Fall in preparation for the holiday season. This season we saw the iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD 7″ and 8.9″, Nook HD and HD+, and iPad Mini. That’s a lot of devices!

Consequently, our biggest focus this time around was on all the new devices and the OS updates that go along with them. Leading up to this public release, we’ve been pumping out daily builds in real time. Things like iOS 6 workarounds for the GameCenter orientation bug, Nook HD compatibility, device builds for iOS 6 Beta, and so on.

We’ve also spent some spare cycles to add some key features you’ve been asking for on Android. Let me talk about just two of them: map views and notifications (and yes, remote push is coming soon). The special thing we’ve done here is make these features work across all flavors of Android. That actually took a lot of effort. If you were using the actual Android SDK, you’d have to code maps 3 different times because Google only lets its maps work on Android devices tied to Google Play.

Because this industry moves at the speed of light, we adapted our engineering processes so that we could deliver these things to you almost instantaneously. One change was realizing that a 2-on-2 process was not going to work. It’s something I talked to you about earlier this year but it never really took off when we tried to get it going in practice. Part of knowing how to play the game is knowing when we should change our own rules.

By far the biggest change has been our extreme vigilance on bug regressions in daily builds. If we find a feature stops working the way it should in a new daily build, our goal is to get a fix into the next daily build ASAP. If I compare this to a year ago, daily build quality is significantly better and much more consistent. It’s helped us become a lot more efficient and, more importantly, we’re starting to see more folks ship apps using daily builds.

And on that note, I can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

UPDATE: We plan to resume daily builds next Monday evening (11/26).

  1. Kudos to Corona for supporting all the new devices so quickly.. I’m starting to feel like August-October is the “busy season” for developers. Just like accountants are swamped during tax time, we get swamped during device announcement time!

  2. In the known issues for iOS it says to remove space in the folder name. If I do that and push a update to my device the app will not load, I have to remove the app from my device first.

    Does anyone know if this would be the same in a live situation ? What I mean is would everybody have to remove my app first and then reinstall ?


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