Cyber Monday: Buy Corona SDK Pro, get 60% off Kwik 2 ($150 in savings!)

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Cyber Monday is here and Corona Labs is celebrating with the biggest promotion we’ve offered yet. For Corona developers, designers, illustrators and creatives: here’s your chance to purchase Corona SDK and snag Kwik 2, a super popular Photoshop plugin, at a bargain.

Purchase a Corona SDK Pro subscription on Monday, November 26, 2012, and receive 60% off on a Kwik 2 license ($150 in savings!).

Kwik 2 is popular among designers and illustrators looking to create interactive eBooks, magazines, and games with physics. The plugin provides dozens of pre-made features including controlling sound, linear and path animation, and spritesheet capabilities without the need for any code. Kwik 2 also allows users to integrate external code inside the plugin.

Kwik was used to create blockbuster apps including Fire Cupid (featured in WSJ, TIME, and The Washington Times), Frederick Spin (soared to #2 eBook in the Dutch App Store), and Sparky the Shark (an award-winning children’s tale), among others.

To redeem the offer:

– Purchase Corona SDK Pro on Monday, November 26, 2012. (Sorry, but we can’t make exceptions for purchases outside the promotional period.)
– If you purchase Corona SDK Pro on Monday, November 26, you may redeem the Kwik discount through Monday, December 17, 2012.
– Forward your Corona SDK purchase receipt email (with your transaction number) to
– You’ll receive a coupon code and instructions for redeeming your discounted Kwik 2 license.

Please note:

– This offer is only valid for Corona SDK Pro subscriptions purchased at full price.
– We can’t make any exceptions on purchase date, even if you purchased a Corona subscription within the last few days. 


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  1. Tony says:

    Seriously you guys couldn’t offer a discount on your own product, truly disappointed on the “huge” saving announcement

  2. Parisa says:

    I truly had hoped and waited for a discount on a developer license. I believe I’m not alone.

  3. Parisa says:

    I have been waiting for a discount on a developer license for some time so I find this a bit upsetting…

  4. Test Driver says:

    That’s offer A. – Spend $350 then spend another $100 on a product i have no experience of yet (but only have hours to determine it’s worth before losing the offer- and in the end -end up spending more cash than the normal Corona price.)

    I understand cross promotion and all but by putting this kind of offer on the table for only 24 hours it’s more like promoting “impulse buying” which is ok in the supermarket dealing with candy bars/batteries etc… which are around the $5 or less price. But we’re talking pretty big money for aspiring indies who have not sold anything but have an idea.

    Is there an offer B for those of us who are not students (offer only valid on full sub price). – Maybe a back to schoolish one day promotion – “Corona’s don’t stop learning” promotion – everyone has access to the education pricing for one day only. That would be a saving of between $50 – $100 per customer.

    Or Offer C
    Get Pro for $200 (2 no sorry 4 platforms for the Indy dev price: ond day only)- and leave the cross promotion out of it?

    What do you think?

  5. thegdog says:

    If you already have a Corona Pro subscription and purchase this, will the one year just get added to your existing subscription, picking up where your current subscription ends? Or does it reset that and start immediately?

  6. David says:

    Hi Everyone. Thank you for the comments. We definitely understand that people would like to see a discount on Corona.

    But this is a good time to clear this up: we have a firm policy in place of not discounting Corona. That has been in place for almost 18 months and will continue.

    But we do want to do interesting promotions from time to time for our community and will usually try to do so with our great partners. In this case Kwik is a fantastic tool (as evidenced by the great apps built with it) and we think getting $150 off is a really great opportunity.

    Finally, to answer another question – yes, anytime you buy another subscription on a Corona account, the time will get added on to your existing subscription.

    Thanks again guys. If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to email me at davidATcoronalabs.

  7. Jim Oxenford says:

    The discount should be on Corona SDK. I was a Corona developer for two years and the pricing is what drove me to hunker down and just learn Objective C. I understand you have a firm policy in place but it’s just not attractive. If your partners can allow discounts so can you. What’s fair is fair. Or even a discount for returning developers would be nice.

  8. Poor Developer says:

    A rather underwhelming promotion. Bleh.

  9. DealBreaker says:

    I don’t’ want to knock Kwik as I’ve only reviewed the samples but can you point to the great apps being created with Kwik? Every single example I’ve looked at in the iTunes store has had a 1 star review. Sure this might point to the developers game making ability but it surely doesn’t do much for the reputation of Kwik either.

    Why do you have a policy of never discounting your license? Would love to hear what business genius came up with that idea? Besides it’s a yearly subscription so there is a good chance you will get a renewal after the 1st year at the full price.

    Or do you not have confidence in your product? If you had discounted the PRO license as little as $25.00 you would have sold X more copies today. I GUARANTEE It. I would have bought a pro license today had you offered a discount of some kind. Instead I’ll just keep using the trial until I HAVE to buy a copy to publish.

    Sorry guys you blew this deal and it makes me question the overall business strategy behind this company. Add this to the recent reputable members of the Corona team/community leaving for other products makes me wonder if it’s even the right software to trust my game development with. Maybe I’ll use something else.

  10. J. A. Whye says:

    “Would love to hear what business genius came up with that idea?” [never discounting]

    Take a look at Apple, you can almost NEVER find a discount on Apple stuff. The only time they discount is one day a year, and people complain their discounts aren’t enough. NOT cutting your price is a legit business tactic and if you Google it you can find a lot of consultants who talk about that.

    As one example, Mark Hunter, author of High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale without Compromising on Price, says: “As soon as you start discounting your price for one customer, you will discount it for the next customer, the next customer, and the next customer. … If you have to do something, you increase the value. You provide them something of additional value to them, but you never ever decrease your price.”

    One of the dev tools I use daily has a Cyber Monday sale — they cut the price 30%, but for NEW licenses only. So for me it does squat. At least with the Corona Labs deal I could extend my license and get a good deal on Kwik 2 if I rolled that way.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a discount on Corona SDK, but them deciding not to do it isn’t all that odd, really.

  11. DealBreaker says:

    “Take a look at Apple, you can almost NEVER find a discount on Apple stuff.”

    A. Apple does discount.
    B. Because Apple doesn’t discount often enough or high enough then in your eyes that means apple doesn’t discount? Then again see A. They do discount.
    C. Corona is not Apple.
    D. Adobe discounts, Amazon discounts, etc, etc. For every company you can show that doesn’t discount there is another that does. Pointless.

    As far as business strategy – what is the strategy they are after by pissing off their customers? Isn’t it telling that all comments on the blog and facebook page related to this “deal” are negative?

    Since I love being right, discount Corona Pro tomorrow for $25.00 off. Then compare the sales compared to todays Sale. Lets see how much more money Corona makes.

    What Corona has tried to do with this deal is appear as if they are giving you this greate deal but in reality they making the third party (KWIK) eat the license fee while they gain a few more sales at FULL PRICE. They are not promoting KWIK to help out KWIK. They are using KWIK to put more full price licenses in their pocket.

    Now by chance if they have a back door deal with KWIK to give them a cut of Corona license sales today to help take the sting out their loss then they really are bad at business. They would have sold far more by just discounting their price and avoiding this entire PR nightmare.

  12. Paul says:

    If you want to have a policy of no deals on Corona that’s fine but if you don’t want to have deals on Corona please don’t advertize deals on Corona.

  13. David says:

    Hey DealBreaker. Thanks for the comments.

    I actually see it the other way. We do have confidence in our product and that is why we have decided that we won’t discount. As J.A. says above, once you discount, you can get into a cycle where people just start waiting for you to discount the next time. It usually is not a good thing to do. We think Corona offers a great value at the price where it is offered and we don’t think we need to discount.

    Plus, the fact that you can use it for as long as you want and only pay once you are ready to publish (as you yourself are doing) is a pretty nice deal. If you are happy with Corona you will eventually want to publish and pay for the subscription. We’d rather you are happy with the product and pay us when the time is right, because you decided to publish than because we enticed you with a discount.

    In the end, Kwik is not for everyone. But for those people who use Photoshop and are looking to do eBook type apps, it really is a fantastic tool.



  14. Jack K says:

    @DealBreaker, I think your argument around getting a discount is sound, but you lost me when you switched your comments on team members leaving.

    If you take a look at progress on Corona since these exits, i would argue that it has improved and more seems to have been done.
    Corona had a game by EA released, they raised more funding, growing the team, just to name a few things off the top of my head.

  15. Michael says:

    I think a lot of developers are disappointed about the cyber Monday offer of corona. I understood that discounting can not be a firm strategie and also J.A.Whye has absolutly right but I hope for the future corona will reward the developers who renew the licences.

  16. Alex says:

    Now that the promo is gone, I would like to share my thoughts on some comments about Kwik.

    As David mentioned, Kwik is not for everyone. Te large majority of thousands of users are using it to create storybook apps. Several of them won Corona App of the Week/Month, including Fire Cupid, Sparky the Shark, Origins and Halloween Recreation, just to name a few. Games are something new to the tool but they are starting to come and getting better

    The quality of the apps are really dependent on their developers. However, take a look at some of the works made with Kwik and you will see 4-5 stars reviews. Some examples include Sparky the Shark, The Dream (by Swipea), Fire Cupid, Triple Crown, The Snow Queen Musical, and the list goes on. Out of Apple Store, Cherry at the Stars won the 2nd place award at American Design Awards.

    Lastly, at Kwiksher we are very happy with the partnership we have with Corona (and other partners). Together, we are bringing innovation and new opportunities not only for developers but also any creative people interested in mobile app creation. Regarding developers, the list of devs using Kwik grows everyday as they discover how fast they can speed up their development process, with external code integration and the ability to work with designers in the same environment.

    Again, thanks Corona Labs for the opportunities and the users for their support and commitment to improve Kwik native features for eBooks, magazines and games.