App of the Week: Kung-Fu Clash

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Quite a few months have passed since we featured an awesome Corona-made ninja game. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend browsing the Corona showcase and Kung-Fu Clash, a ninja battle game with stellar graphics caught our eye. Kung-Fu Clash gets extra brownie points for being a cross-platform app, available on a range of devices including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK.

In Kung-Fu Clash, your blue-haired warrior is spunky, powerful, and is tasked with taking down as many ninjas as possible with powerful kicks and punches. To start, you must choose a level of difficulty to determine how many ninjas you’ll need to battle in the dojo. In order to defeat the ninjas, you must tap each as quickly as possible before moving on to your next opponent.

You’ll battle a host of characters, ranging from your basic run-of-the-mill ninja, to the frost ninja that possesses the power of ice, to the fire ninja that can cast magical spells on your fighter. Your opponents may be powerful, but with a little practice and a good understanding of the ninjas’ abilities and weaknesses, you can defeat them in battle. As your fighter only possesses three lives, you need to make sure you’re quick and nimble in the ring.

Check out Kung-Fu Clash on your mobile device – enjoy some good fun and show off your fighting prowess.

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  1. The game play of Kung-Fu Clash is very addicting, graphics are nice and beating ninjas with left and right thumbs in combos makes game interesting.

  2. Steven Teo says:

    Very very cool game!! I was watching the video and got hooked on to it. Very interesting gameplay. I am definitely gonna download this one! 😀

  3. John says:

    Nice graphics, but it doesn’t seem challenging enough though. How come the enemies never move and/or attack? Was that by design or the developer didn’t know how to implement basic AI algorithms for the enemies?

  4. Hugo Bonacci says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone – I appreciate it!

    @John – To answer your question, the enemies do attack after the indicator below their feet reaches the red. As the battle progresses, Ninjas become increasingly difficult (require more hits, attack faster)

    Also, each Ninja has a special talent that make them more difficult to beat (for example, Wind can teleport to new locations, Storm can stun your character, etc).

    And most importantly, I didn’t really want to have a promo video of the Kung-Fu dude constantly getting beat up 😉

  5. This game is some thing different from other games.But i expect more interesting stuffs in it..First and second stages are very easy to clear. 3st stage of the game is little tuff to clear.But overall the game is nice to play..Keep doing!