Friday Night Forum: A Holiday of App-ortunities

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As consumers purchase the latest devices for the holiday season, app developers have a huge opportunity to boost their downloads. Fast Company recently published data from Apptopia, a marketplace for mobile app acquisitions, that revealed some pretty optimistic numbers. Apptopia predicts that 1.2 billion downloads will take place on Christmas week, with a spike on Christmas Day (a speculated 410 million downloads for iOS and Android combined).

To prepare for the influx in downloads, Apptopia arms developers with 10 smart tips, from recommending heavy promotion during the iTunes freeze (remember Apple shuts it’s doors 12/21-12/28), to not waiting until the week before Christmas to submit the latest build, to triple-checking builds to make sure they’re flawless. You can find all 10 tips in the Fast Company article.

What are you doing to prepare for holiday downloads? And, what lessons did you learn from last year, that you’ll carry into this holiday season?


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  1. Mo says:

    Great post and info! I am hoping to sent my first app to Apple for review so to beat the Apple cut-off. Still it is unerving because there is no much marge for error!

    Until now, I was planning on releasing a free with Revmob but after reading this article I may decide to actually release two apps. A paid app (.99) and free one (full screen Revmob with a link to the paid app…because I do not have enough time to implement and test in-app)

    My thinking is most people will prefer to the free app but some would not want to deal with full screen ad. It also cost me nothing to have two apps versus one (free and pro)

    Would love to hear what you guys think. Good luck to all here who are working hard in releasing an app before the cut-off!


  2. David says:

    The 2 points I thought were most useful were 7 and 8. The holidays are when this is most likely to have an effect as people will be looking for new apps to download for their new devices, or to complement other new things they got. Should make for lots of niche-type opportunities based on search or targeting specific products.

  3. Great post and very energising, but taking a poke from the harsh end of the reality stick is this: