App of the Week: Freeze!

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Freeze! by Frozen Gun is an incredibly addicting puzzle game that requires a bit of strategy and patience. The unique black and white color scheme coupled with the beautiful, yet gloomy graphics were the first elements to catch my eye, and the innovative gameplay captured my attention. Freeze! was featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the US App Store, and even surpassed Angry Birds Space downloads in the German App Store last week – quite a feat!

The game’s lead character is a giant, beautiful eyeball that’s been separated from his family by a grappling hook. Trapped in a box filled with dangerous spikes, the eyeball yearns to return home. Your objective is to free him by rotating the cell, and guiding him towards a spiral portal – all while avoiding deadly traps. Occasional levels offer a “freeze” button that helps you overcome gravity to keep the eyeball in place while you rotate the cell. Once you’ve adjusted the cage, you can release our eyeball friend and direct him safely towards the portal.

Freeze! becomes quite challenging at times, but in a very enjoyable way. It’s a cross-platform game so download Freeze! for your device and check it out:

App Store ($.99):!/id518123684?mt=8

Google Play (free):

Amazon Appstore (free lite version):

Amazon Appstore ($1.99):

NOOK Apps ($1.99):


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  1. Perry says:

    Love the B&W color scheme and the organic, hand-drawn feel of the puzzles. I will check this out for the iPad.


  2. Andreas says:

    Hi Inna,

    thanks for the honor! It’s great that you feature our game “Freeze!” in such a nice way, after living with and having a 90%-love and 10%-hate relationship with the SDK for the last seven month it feels like a birthday party with your family & best friends. 🙂

    One minor update: Freeze was featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy” in 149 countries. This came quite as a surprise to us, but a good one.

    So there is definitely no aversion from Apples side to games not coded native in Objective-C (as maybe some paranoid developers might think, and yes – a while back I was one of them).

    I really like the SDK and respect the incredible daily challenges you’re facing, you’re doing a hell of a job!

    [I think it’s ok to compliment you a bit, you already did feature “Freeze!” … ]


    • Yara silva says:

      Olá, sou brasileira e gostei muito deste jogo freeze.
      Comprei o mundo 2 pela app store e o jogo não foi desbloqueado. Agora quando tento acessar o mundo 2 , pede para eu pagar novamente e não há a opção restore purchase. O que eu faço?

      • Andreas says:

        Hi Yara,

        I’ve published version v1.52 for Android on Monday and added a RESTORE-button.
        Please update the game, I hope this’ll solve your problem.



        Oi Yara,

        Eu já publicou a versão v1.52 para Android na segunda-feira e acrescentou um botão Restaurar.
        Por favor, atualize o jogo, espero que isso vai resolver o seu problema.


  3. Arne Hagesaether says:

    Great puzzle game! Plays and looks great on the iPad. One of the few games where I don´t immediately switch the music off. Well done.

  4. Steven Teo says:

    Love the game! It’s simple and yet uniquely fun. The black and white art style does very well for the game. Keep it up and hope your sales will be great!

  5. Ken Ibrahim says:

    The app looks great and I think you guys did a very cool video promo for it. Love the music too! 🙂