Coronifying the Cloud: Corona Labs acquires Game Minion

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From the beginning, our mission has been to “coronify” technologies that unlock your imagination: we’ve constantly been looking at ways to eliminate the stumbling blocks that get between you and your goal of shipping the best apps out there.

Since then the industry has evolved at a lightning pace. Integration of back-end services has become increasingly important, and in some cases, vital to how apps need to work. The brick wall that app developers typically face is that back-end development is just so different from mobile app development — like the difference between left-brain thinking and right-brain thinking.

For anyone used to app development, that’s an incredible hurdle to jump over. Even building basic things into an app — leaderboards, social sharing, multiplayer gaming, and so on — can have a steep learning curve, especially getting those pieces to work on a cross-platform basis.

So today, I’m happy to announce that Corona Labs and Game Minion are joining forces. We will be launching a new product called Corona Cloud that builds and extends upon Game Minion’s incredible set of services. Corona Cloud is going to really change how you think about using cloud services in your mobile apps. Our goal is to dramatically accelerate your ability to integrate your mobile apps with the cloud. In other words, we want to coronify cloud development in the same we’ve been doing with native app development.

When we first got in touch with the Game Minion folks, one of the first things we noticed was that we both shared the same passion for developer experience. We both really cared deeply about how we could make the lives of developers more efficient and productive. The more we talked, the more it became clear that a seamless integration of the Corona SDK and (what we now call) Corona Cloud was going to make developing apps simply irresistible.

Earlier this year, I talked about how ridiculously hard it is to build something. In that way, I think developers are like artists. You need to have an incredible amount of desire to turn an idea into something real. You must summon serious focus to make it happen. And when you finally are able to share your creation with the world, you feel this intense feeling of satisfaction.

This also happens to be the deep visceral feeling at the core of everyone here. We’re an incredibly passionate, hard-working, and driven bunch. As our ambitions have grown, so has the team. In the past 6 months, we’ve nearly doubled in numbers, and I’m not even counting the folks from Game Minion. The common thread after all these years — the thing that binds us — has been staying true to these artist ethics — of having a deep passion for what we do here.

It’s the artist in us that drives us. To relentlessly innovate on the Corona SDK. To boldly reinvent with Corona Cloud. And to hopefully inspire you to tap into the artist within you.

P.S. The Corona Cloud is in a closed beta. Sign up here, and we’ll contact you when it’s ready!

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  1. Russ says:

    Way to go Corona team! This will help us app developers drive more downloads I’m sure.

  2. Dave Baxter says:

    Do you know prices yet ?


  3. David says:

    Dave – we are in a closed beta right now and have not finalized pricing. We will be coming out with more info on that in the coming weeks.

  4. Game Minion has provided very powerful stuff. Glad to see that Corona will be able to harness that power. Interesting to note that that PubNub recently changed their pricing plans, but we’ll have to compare their multiplayer capabilities and prices to Corona Cloud, which offers a lot more.

  5. Good work guys!!

    Can’t wait to use it. I was waiting for an more integrated way for corona to work with the cloud! Perfect, you made my day 🙂

    – Do you already know if we have data limitations?
    – And can you also excess it by website so our customers can see their app data without an app or maybe export it?


    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Hi John, this Mohamed, I am one of the Co-Founder of Game Minion.
      As far are limitations, I assume you are referring to things such as limits on number of leaderboards and such things.

      Corona Cloud doesn’t have any fixed limitations, so you are free to create whatever you need for your game/app.
      The service will provide a web portal for you to log in and make the configurations that you need, so there will be a web interface.


  6. Chris says:

    This is great! I’m an existing tester – and now that it’s part of the Corona family the integration will get even better.

  7. theName says:

    What actually does this mean, lets say for developers who make book apps etc.? Do they have to pay extra fees now for amazing cloud stuff they do not need? A hype-free, fact-based description would be most helpful. Thanks.

    • David says:

      Hi theName – you won’t have to pay any extra fees unless you decide to use extra services. It’s as easy as that. The pricing of Corona SDK is not changing because of this.

      • Chris says:

        David – will the API URLs stay the same? I am about to launch on GameMinion ( ..

        Also – will there be pricing changes to the GameMinion services?

        • Jason says:

          ^^^^ This

        • Mohamed Hamedi says:

          Hi Chris,
          Go ahead and use the current URL path, the transition to the Corona domain will have no impact on any games that are in current development or published.

          We plan to maintain this until we make sure that everyone has transitioned.

          On the pricing, one thing I can assure you is that it will be indie friendly and we plan to provide a free tier so you guys can get your game out and monitor your traction.


          • Rob says:

            Nice. I’m looking at starting to build some games and having a free tier for Corona Cloud will be nice to experiment with.

  8. We at ADM are very excited about this announcement and will be following the development closely. Walter, I posted a blurb on our site to help with the promotion

  9. Jason says:

    I am currently building a game that will utilize game minion’s set of APIs. Should I expect a change to the restful APIs or will I be able to continue development using the current documentation?

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Great to hear you are using Game Minion!
      There wont be any changes in the APIs, so continue as you have been.

      • Jason says:

        Thanks, you have been very helpful!

  10. Congratulations! This is great news for Corona and for us developers!

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Hi Steve, this is a great time for us all. This is a natural move for us as we both share the same vision and passion to support games developers.
      We are excited to see what cool stuff you all going to be releasing using our service.

  11. Considering the mess with GREE and OpenFeint, I think it’s a great thing that Corona Developers will have something inside the Corona family that they can trust. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Game Minion’s Mohamed Hamedi on Monday’s Corona Geek hangout.

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Charles, looking forward to this.
      I think everyone should attend and send off your questions to Charles.

    • If you’d like us to ask Mohamed questions on Monday, please be sure to post them on the hangout event page,

      We’ll try to include as many of them as we can.

  12. Vu Truong says:

    I hope this isn’t going to be another $2000/per person licensing deal to further kill the indie dev like Corona enterprise.

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Hi Vu, on this point, one thing I can assure you is that this service was designed from the ground up to grow with your app/game traction. And so we plan to be there for you whether you have 10 users or millions of users.

  13. Overall I see this as a net positive for corona labs. Vertical integration if you will. This also puts the openfeint/gree issue to bed. Gameminion never officially came out of beta though so those launching live games have some valid concerns.

    1. Will coronalabs provide API access directly in lua rather than us having to putz around with http and xml strings and whatnot. (Remember, we’d rather be designing games than coding them)

    2. Solid ETA please.

    3. Will corona cloud be exclusive to coronalabs sdk users? Presently, the REST API can be called from any non corona sdk device. I can see the temptation to branch out.

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      The Corona Cloud will continue to be REST API based at it core allowing anyone to use it, whether you are using Corona SDK or not.

      In the Corona Labs tradition of trying to remove the complex and as you mentioned letting you design games, we do plan to integrate the service in the Corona SDK, in the meantime we do have a Corona SDK lib that you can just require to make life easier for now.

      Corona Cloud is available now, still under Game Minion. When given access you can start developing and even publish games.

  14. Geoff says:

    With Corona loosing most of its key people and original developers, and the recent exodus of Peach, has effected the confidence and commitment of many developers to the platform, on top of this, the claim that the Bug fixing and Quality control is suffering, with lack of community response, what can the company say or do to instil confidence in developers and companies interested in using the platform for the future?

    I think the company need to make a statement about this as soon as possible to reassure developers who are putting their valuable time into learning this platform. As for my self, I was busy promoting Corona to my company for our development needs, and now I am doubting that choice and looking for a backup plan.

  15. Mo says:

    That’s a great news! I have two questions if I may:

    1- how is it different from Pubnub?

    2- is it possible to add content (levels, graphics…) to an app remotely?



    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      The short answer is that Pubnub is a generic messaging platform, where as Corona Cloud is (for a lack of a better word) a features platform. So you interact with specific features or functionality that encompasses remote calls and logic in one.

      The current feature set does not provide remote content delivery, but this is top on our priority list. ETA is early Q1 2013.

  16. Mo says:

    Maybe one more! I am assuming Corona Cloud is great because it allows us to have leaderboards that would work across platforms (ie Apple and Android) But would that prevent the use of GameCenter which has a tons of users already?



    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      Absolutely not, you are free to add any other service you wish.
      Even when it comes to the Corona Cloud features, you can pick and choose what features and capabilities you want to use.

  17. Mo says:


    Very cool! Thank you for your great answers. Can’t wait to use this. I just need to find a good app concept!


  18. Mo says:

    Oh I forgot, would you release a full example using the Corona cloud at some times? I find that it is always better to start from a working app (even a very simple one) when dealing with new features. It is hard to work directly with new API if not seen used in the proper context. An sample example with StoryBoard would be fantastic!

    Just a suggestion of course. I know time is not limitless!


    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      I can’t agree with you more, we appreciate how important this is, and previously we were just swamped with core stuff to do. But now with the team behind us in Corona, Labs we hope to get something out much quicker.

  19. As an existing beta tester where do we ask support questions? For example, in the game minion portal if you have multiple games and create a new leaderboard it appears in all games.

  20. Same problem with achievements. Creating a new one shows up in all 3 games with the same ID? Seriously, how much testing was done? I attempted to upload my dev and prod p12 private keys for push notification and after selecting the files and entering the passphrase it just clears the text boxes and the file selection. No error message, no indicator of what happened.

  21. Mohamed Hamedi says:

    @WideAwakeGames, hi can you please send a support ticket to and I will have the team look at this ASAP.

  22. Thanks Mohamed. Once I get a chance to re-test this I’ll open a ticket.

    • Mohamed Hamedi says:

      @WideAwakeGame, thanks again for pointing this out. This has already been taken care of. Please feel free to point out these issue, or any issue, this is truly a valuable way we can improve the service.

  23. Mike M says:

    Is this intended just for games? Or different asked, is it possible with this service to save user data into a server database and manipulate the database automatically, based on the incoming data? I think corona is also a good tool for fast implementation of business apps, so this could be a reasonable feature.

  24. M. Knezovic says:

    Just one very simple question:
    Will Corona Cloud enable us to develop multiplayer games? At least turn based ones?

    I would really appreciate a response to this question.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I haven’t tested multiplayer but the functionality is in the console.