App of the Week: Mandora

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Mandora icon Reaping Mandora

Mandora is a simple, action-packed game that’s nothing short of adorable. The favorite pets of wizards in Mooncat Village, mandoras are round, charming creatures that are a hybrid between plant and animal.

As a farmer in the village, you’re in charge of harvesting and plucking ripe mandoras as they blossom to their full potential. If you pick them prematurely, they’ll need to pay the doctor a visit, and if you miss your opportunity, the mandoras will wither and turn into nothing more than ordinary garden vegetables. The game also includes a quirky hand-drawn diary that tracks your harvest and farming statistics. With more than 20 varieties of mandoras to collect, you’ll never fall short on harvesting the charming little creatures.

Mandora’s enjoyed a 4.5 star user rating based on hundreds of reviews – grab your free copy for your iOS or Android device.







Honorable Mention

Fat Ninja icon

Legend of Fat Ninja

Legend of Fat Ninja got its start as a Kickstarter project, launched by Zephyr Games. Combining the skill-based gameplay of a physics game, with the arcade scoring and chaining mechanics of Pinball, Legend of Fat Ninja provides loads of entertaining gameplay. Your objective is to fling Fat Ninja from a slingshot, hitting objects along the way to earn points and ultimately knocking out the rival chef. You can enjoy The Legend of Fat Ninja on your iOS device for a $1.99 download.

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