App of the Week: Blendamaze

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Blendamaze will bring out your inner artist as you swirl colors to create beautiful combinations. Incorporating the basics of color theory, Blendamaze combines a labyrinth board with a paint palette, turning your device into a digital canvas.

BlendamazeThe premise is simple – a small marble becomes your virtual paintbrush as you mix primaries, secondaries and tertiaries on the screen. As you roll the marble in a variety of palettes, you blend the colors to achieve the desired end color in each level. The responsive tilt controls make it possible to create precise color combinations, which allow you to secure the maximum number of points in the game.

The wooden board design reminded me of a traditional board game, and I loved the small details such as the realistic clanking sound of the marble bouncing and rolling across the screen. With over 100 levels of smooth, soothing, and unique gameplay, Blendamaze is enjoyable for adults and perfect for young players to learn the basic principles of color. For a $1.99 download, your can check out Blendamaze for your iOS device.

Honorable Mention

Skyworld Enigma logo

Skyworld Enigma

Skyworld Enigma, created by our very own Coronite Danny Glover, is a unique puzzle game with a twist. The objective is to guide your daring hero through a maze of clouds towards an end portal in the sky. Kicking your strategy skills into gear, you must think of a clever path to reach the portal, as you can only jump on each cloud once before it disappears. If you’re up for novel, challenging gameplay, download Skyworld Enigma for your iOS or Android device!

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This entry has 11 replies

  1. Rob says:

    Bah humbug. Seems like corona sdk has become a bit of a scrooge by awarding its own employees with app of the week mentions or honourable mentions rather than paying developers apps. You guys frequently break your own rules to gratify “pet” developers. One requirement to be eligible for app of the week stuff is supposed to be a corona badge on the website. He does not have one: and the app is not even in the showcase.

    Can anyone say “cannon cat”? πŸ™

    • JJ says:

      Really? Is this all you have to say.
      I wasn’t going to respond and spoil everyone’s Xmas, but I feel I have to.

      All you do is post negative things about Corona and its staff, complain about everything, on and on annnnd on. At the start I thought it was entertaining, but now its just getting old.

      Its gotten so bad now that I automatically skip over any post or reply you do. Because I know that there will be no value what so ever.

      And what do you have to show for it? Nothing! You don’t add anything constructive to the forums, you haven’t published a quality game that even comes close to Bubble Ball.

      I don’t get it, do you just hang around here to make everyone feel like crap. If you are not happy with Corona SDK, why don’t you go somewhere else.

      Now I feel much better, this was bugging me for a while. Corona like any other company has pros and cons. Do they drop the ball sometimes; sure they do, and then they recover. This is life, move on.

      • Robert Nay says:

        People still remember Bubble Ball 2 years later?

  2. tom bladko says:

    Yes that is true, hope somebody will make an official statement about this.

  3. Alex M says:

    What is interesting here is that even though Danny is a Corona Labs employee he himself still emits the “made with Corona” badge. It’s odd because it shows that he isn’t proud of using Corona and that Corona don’t care because he still gets an honorable mention. Why even bother submitting to the show case when no one at Corona cares about guidelines anyway?

    • JJ says:

      Please see above comment, same applies.

  4. Inna Treyger says:

    Hi Rob & Tom – Thanks for posting. We’d like to recognize as many great apps as possible. For this reason, we’ve started including “Honorable Mentions” in some App of the Week posts ( Though we always encourage apps to submit to the showcase so that we can check out all the Corona-made content out in the wild, and for developers to post a badge on their site, this may not always be possible for a number of reasons. This is, in part, why we’ve started “Honorable Mentions.” Rest assured that the official App of the Week rules remain in full effect ( and we take them seriously.

    Skyworld is an awesome app that deserves a mention (I hope you gave it a download!). We’re proud that our very own Coronites trust in and use the platform to develop impressive content – and that’s certainly worth highlighting.

    Please shoot me an email ( if you’d like to discuss further.

    Happy holidays!

    • tom bladko says:

      Personally i don’t care about this whole issue with app of the week. Benefits to developer are not big enough to actually argue about it. What I care is how Corona Labs is talking about this with devs as nothing really happened and everything is ok.


  5. danny says:

    Hey guys.

    I’m a proud Corona evangelist…. I first purchased and started using Corona right from the very beginning when they were still in beta stage.

    In developing Skyworld enigma I did so in my own free time. I work from 9am > 8pm 5 days a week for Corona ( I also work a lot more hours than I am paid for as I am driven to get the latest features to you guys asap and I love Corona with a passion )

    So after the working day is done I spent time with my girlfriend ( who is pregnant ) then head to bed around 11.30am. This is where Skyworld gets developed. Whilst I should be sleeping, instead I was working on Skyworld. Generally I would work on it from 11.30am > 3/4am and then get up again at 9am and rinse and repeat.

    Occasionally I would work on it at the weekends but this was very rare as I didn’t want my girlfriend to murder me πŸ˜‰
    The game took a year to develop and is my labor of love. I put a LOT of effort into it and did so to see if I had what it takes to create a good game.

    If that development cycle isn’t “indie” I don’t know what is. In developing this game I was exactly the same as the rest of you. I didn’t have any special help, no special treatment and no handholding. I was on my own, just myself and my artist working on the game, with help from my girlfriend who beta tested and developed the levels.

    I may write a blog post on my experiences developing the game later, as there were other roadblocks which made development hard (poor health and other stuff) and also some challenges I faced and how I overcame them. I have given you a little taste of what development entailed for me now however.

    I’ve included the Corona badge on my site and submitted the app to the showcase. I didn’t avoid doing this intentionally. I have had so much on my plate that it just slipped my mind.

    I hope you guys check out Skyworld! Remember, it’s free!

  6. loopycoder says:

    Just wanted to say that I love seeing the variety of games developed and how people are utilizing corona… beyond that, I don’t care about the badges, who made, etc, etc.

    Danny – awesome work and wow… you have a very patient and awesome girlfriend. πŸ™‚

  7. Joe says:

    I hope you guys check out Skyworld! Remember, it’s free!

    Actually its $0.99 on iOS. You don’t know how much you charge?