App of the Week: The Great Fusion

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The Great Fusion joins the ranks of spectacular Corona-built point and click adventure games including App of the Week winners The Lost City and Snow Hill.

The Great Fusion The game takes you to the year 2022, where both the economy and society have taken a turn for the worst: laws have gone berserk and large business has taken over. Max, the leading character, is a software engineer who’s had it rough – he’s been fired from his job and lives in a cramped apartment while struggling to make ends meet. Your challenge: accompany Max on his great, big aventure.

The Great Fusion is an opportunity enjoy a few hours of comedy, awesome characters, and hand-drawn illustrations. As you travel through the game, you’ll uncover hidden objects that can be stored in your inventory and come in handy for later use. You’ll also cross paths with a host of amusing characters. With each encounter, you’re given several options for conversation – some topics are dead-ends, while others advance you in the journey. The dialogue is, in large part, what makes the game incredibly comical and entertaining.

And after witnessing The Great Fusion’s bleak reality of 2022, you’ll happily return to welcome a (hopefully) more prosperous 2013 of your own. For a $1.99 download, you can enjoy The Great Fusion for your iPad or Android device.

Honorable Mention

Ice Math Ninja

Ice Math Ninja: ZERO – FREE

Mobile devices are a handy addition to a parent’s toolbox, helping teach important subjects without making learning a chore. Ice Math Ninja: ZERO – FREE is a perfect example of a game that not only holds a child’s attention, but also makes parents feel good about handing kids the iPad. The game features a bundle of game modes where children slice frozen numbers with a swipe of the finger – identifying zeros, picking out odds, practicing addition and much more. For a fun math adventure, check out Ice Math Ninja for the iPad/iPhone, and enjoy a dual digital babysitter and teaching assistant.

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  1. Kyle Tran says:

    its a great post.if this type of application will be created then anybody can relax by there home life because all things will be done by application.thanks to that student who make this app.

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Hi Inna .
    Always glad to read your reviews. We recently published our first game using corona . Our small team is full of desire to get review from you. We passionate about movies, so we creates quiz game about movies with cool pop art graphics. Take a look at our game – maybe you will find something and review it .