Note: Graphics 2.0 is now in public beta for all Corona SDK Pro and Enterprise subscribers. Please see Walter’s recent blog piece on the news.

Walter Luh, Corona Labs, headshotIn case you missed last week’s announcement, the Corona Labs team will be at GDC! We’ve got a whole schedule of game development activities for you, including demos from fellow members of the community. I’ll be there Wednesday and Thursday, and am looking forward to catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones!

And you might have noticed a little thing on our roadmap called Graphics 2.0. I’ll save all the graphics awesomeness for a future post, but suffice it to say we are building the most advanced 2.5D graphics engine on the planet. And if you can find me (“Where’s Waldo” style), I’ve prepared one small performance demo that barely scratches the surface of what will be possible.

Now if you’re into basketball, then you’ve probably been following March Madness pretty carefully. We’ve been experiencing a little of our own March craziness too. Earlier this month, we presented at SXSW in Austin, revamped our network library, pushed out a new forum system, and launched a new device build system. That doesn’t include a ton of refinements.

We’re starting to do a lot of things simultaneously, something we’ve never been able to do before. None of this happened by accident. A lot of this stuff was in the works and behind the scenes. From the outside it seems like we’re putting stuff out there all of a sudden, but what you are witnessing is a culmination of the hard work of an incredibly talented team. And thanks to your feedback, we’re continually improving on every thing we ship.

So what’s ahead after March? Well, I just want to give you a quick update on what’s ahead in the very immediate future.

First, the next public release is coming out very soon! We’re just about to lock down our Daily Builds for final testing. So you should see Daily Builds stop for a little bit. We’ll still be checking in fixes into another branch, but you won’t see them until after the public release goes out.

Second, plugin support for the Corona simulator didn’t quite make it. The good news is that we’ve got the new build server in place. That was the key piece of infrastructure that makes plugin builds via the Corona Simulator possible. However, we couldn’t delay any longer. It’s one our top priorities (one of mine personally) for the Daily Builds right after the public release. For those of you who helped beta test our new device servers, thanks again for all the invaluable feedback. You’ll be getting first crack at playing with it.

Coming up third is expansion files and licensing for Android/Google Play. We were sooo close, but we had to pull it for this release. It just didn’t make it in terms of the polish we wanted. There were a surprising number of edge cases related to things like updating the version of your expansion file. It’s going into a Daily Build soon after the public release.

Okay, that’s it. See you at GDC. For those of you who can’t make it, we’ll be posting pics to Corona Labs’ Twitter account.

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  1. “We are building the most advanced 2.5D graphics engine on the planet” … really? Since when have you called corona an “engine”? It always seemed to be Carlos who was pushing the emphasis on graphics. The fact Platino has been referred to as an engine from the start and you suddenly start using the term now makes it look like you’re copying them.
    Before the usual suspects whine at me for my opinions and tell me to leave, I’ll just say that as soon as Lanica finally accepts my beta request I will leave and I won’t be back, until then please don’t waste your breath.

    • Haha, and Al Gore invented the Internet, right?

      As I said to you before, I’m here to help. And I still see that something is bothering you uncontrollably. So same deal as before: e-mail me at walter at coronalabs and we can figure it out.

      • Seeing your ugly face on a blog with terms clearly “borrowed” from your competitors does bother me a bit yes. Then telling me to email you when you already have my email and could write to me if you wanted, although I doubt either of us have anything to say. Like Rob requested for himself below, if you pull some strings with your old colleagues and get me the Platino beta I’ll be out of your hair for good.

        • Oh, Alex “Moon”, a.k.a. Rob “Lucifer” or whatever, this is your most wacky yet. :) A stock photo of an engine on a website makes one product an “engine” and another one isn’t an “engine”? And this just tears you up inside? Borderline hilarious. Maybe Lanica won’t make you a beta tester because they don’t want to deal with you either. But seriously, don’t go away… your comical, rambling tirades are a constant source of amusement to us. This one in particular had me rolling on the floor. :)

          • Chris Leyton says:

            Have to admit, part of me will miss the day when Alex M isn’t around to give us something else to have a good old chuckle about. Gotta admire his persistence when it comes to trolling, although I do think he exhibited his true self with the personal slur on Walter’s photo – keep on smiling Walter.

        • Do you think we can convince you to stay away till you get your Platino access?
          Have you tried using Cocos2d-x, its actually pretty good, and I am sure with your superior coding skills, you wont have any issues picking it up.

          • Cocos2D-X for Ale-X? I don’t think so. It’s quite a complicated system and you would have to invest all your time to tackle it – no more time for insulting guys who actually do something worthwhile…

            So no, I guess Ale-X will just drink some more Ale and do X.

          • I’m not a fan.

            J.Smith I was referring more to the fact Platino has been called an engine from day one, with a hard push on graphical capabilities. Corona was never called a engine until recently, only an SDK. You know as well as I do that they’ve got to be panicking about the competition, even if you love them and want to have their babies you have to see how many staff and users have left in the last year. Believe it or not, I’m not Rob Lucifer, though I’m a fan of his tweets. Think as you please :)

            Eric that was the absolute worst excuse for a “burn” I’ve ever read. Truly horrific. The assertion I drink beer and pop the odd sex drug is no where near as insulting as you seem to think it is.

            Face facts, you know how boring these blogs would be without someone telling it like it is.

        • Alex, it amazes me that after I extend an olive branch again, you choose to cross a line of fundamental decency. We’ve been gracious hosts, letting you post your FUD and lies, but your behavior here has no place in our community. Your future comments will be subject for removal.

        • “Seeing your ugly face on a blog”
          Hey, Alex I guess you are on the wrong forum. This is about coding here, not screenwriting the villains’ dialogue.
          Maybe I am wrong and you better just check the medications.

          keep it friendly,

  2. Matthew Pringle says:

    Hi Walter

    When can we expect to have access to the new graphics engine. It’s been a very long time coming…

    • Right, but we want to give you 3-D like effects without all the complexity of 3-D. That’s the Corona way, right? :)

      That means, you shouldn’t have to worry about Z, or camera direction. And in the Mode-7 case, it’s limited to the background. We think we can do better.

    • It’s not 2 weeks, but it’s definitely this year. All I’ll say beyond that is we want to get this into your hands ASAP.

  3. Can you post a video of the “performance demo” you mentioned in the post? I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’d love to see it right now! :)

  4. The Graphics 2.0 improvements would be great news if only, Walter, you could add next to it a date like for example “3rd quarter 2013” or something.
    I’m really sorry to say that because I appreciate the Corona SDK as a product and as a community, but how is a dev supposed to plan on creating a new game relying on Corona when he can’t even tell when some of the needed features will be shipped?
    For example I could be willing to wait a few months instead of embracing another tech, but as it is right now I can’t tell when the new graphics features wil be available nor what they will really be.
    Please, please Walter, say something more helpful.

  5. For those wondering what 2.5D is, there’s some good info on Wikipedia:

    To my way of thinking, Corona SDK, the framework, has a physics engine, a graphics engine, and probably a few other “engines” in it. The term “2.5D graphics engine” wasn’t invented by someone just recently.

    “…even if you love them and want to have their babies…” I make my living (mostly) using Corona SDK, but I don’t hide the fact that I look at other engines/SDKs/frameworks/tools (whatever you want to call them) all the time.

    *ALL* the time.

    There are a lot of 2D options out there and while A may do something better than B, and C may do something faster than D, etc., I haven’t found anything yet that — overall — gives me a better bang for the buck. Do I wish Corona had this, or did that? Sure. But nothing is perfect — at this point Corona SDK comes the closest for 2D mobile game development.


  6. While I’m in agreement with Alex I’d rather not be compared to someone who swoops so low as to insult a person based on their physical appearance, thank you very much!
    That said, one has to wonder how long it will be until Walter changes the Ansca Mobile logo into some kind of engine…

  7. Christer Egon says:

    Will a 2.5D object be anything like the current display objects? In other words, would you require a complete rewrite to use the 2.5D space in your project?

    Are we talking about upgrading the existing display.newImage() or creating a new image function etc.? Do the two mix, example: Insert 2D display object from old code into a 2.5D display group?

    I’m super excited for this, 2.5D is what would have made me move to another engine if it didn’t come soon. Very much looking forward to it! It technically gives the power to have a library to render full 3D models in Corona, or at least simple primitives. Which is intresting, considering you called it the most powerful engine in the world, it might handle an ok “poly count” even.

  8. When????????

    I’m really eager about this, I’ve been waiting for 2.5 graphics this since I started using corona 2 years ago.

    I hope also, that it’s fully implemented….

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