Corona Support for Google Play Game Services

Google I/O
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Chip ChainIOYou may have heard the news from Google I/O earlier today about the new Google Play game services. We’re happy to announce that we worked closely with Google, and got early access to their APIs, to build support into Corona for these new services. They are coming to a daily build very soon.

As a proof point and also for a Google I/O demo, we also worked with Aaron at AppAbove Games to integrate Google Play game services into his fantastic Corona-based game, Chip Chain. The new version of his game, which has support for the new Google functionality is now up on Google Play. Try it out!

We’re excited about all the new innovation happening in gaming and related cloud services and we are working hard to make as much of it available to Corona developers as possible.

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  1. Doug Davies says:

    All I can say is WooHoo! I’ve been looking for an Android solution. I wanted to use Corona Cloud, but I don’t think it’s mature enough yet. Interesting that Google’s cloud is going to work with iOS. Wonder if Apple is gonna be approving that.

    • Doug Davies says:

      I assume this is gonna be done properly and just be another type in the initialization to the gameNetwork and the api would be consistent for game center v.s. google play? Does google provide the UI for leaderboards, etc. or is that something Corona would provide or we will have to?

  2. Ian Masters says:

    Wow, great to see Corona Labs being so pro-active with Android!

  3. Chris Leyton says:

    Great news – yet another feather in the Corona cap, well done guys.

  4. Pablo Isidro says:

    Really good news!

  5. Luis Sans says:

    Another example that Corona is one of the most proactive players on the market. Every month new functionalities but, be carefully, what is easy is to create, but Corona should to document carefully (and deeper) each improvement in its web. Otherwise, great job!!

  6. That’s really great news, and answers to my prayers. I was looking for a equivalent to iOS Game Center, and now it’s coming.

    I have just created the leaderboard and achievements in Google Play, so I’m just waiting for this feature to appear in a Daily Build, hopefully soon.
    And as Doug Davies, I hope that it will be the same interface as with the Game Center integration. It would make it much easier to integrate into existing games.

    • Robert says:

      Well, good to know that we have another option. Still, I will stay with as the scoreboard supplier for now. They have most of their bugs out of the package and are small, so listen to their customers (at least for now).

      The long-term problem of such services is that they need to be paid for as a subscription while the games usually sells at a single price.

  7. Jazzy says:

    Sweet, can’t wait for this to be available 🙂

  8. Anders Hjarnaa says:

    Any news on when this will hit the daily builds?

  9. Andreas says:

    I want it – now! Yesterday would be fine, too.
    Great news and thanks! 🙂

  10. Francisco says:

    I need this as soon as possible. When is going to be available as a daily build?

  11. I’m also really looking forward to this, and can’t get on with my game for Android before this is possible.
    Not to rush you but it sounded like it was just about to hit the daily build when you posted the above announcement two weeks ago.

  12. Great that Google Play Game Service, now is available through plugins.

    Can’t wait to test this out.