We’re committed to getting new public releases out on a regular basis and we’re pleased to announce that 2013.1135 is shipping today. All the nitty-gritty details are available in the Release Notes but we thought we’d share some of the highlights here.

The big news is the official debut of Plugins for the Corona SDK which allow new functionality to be added without the need for a new release. We’ve got 14 plugins available now and lots more to come.

In the first wave of Plugins available to everyone we have:

For Pro and Enterprise subscribers there are:

For Android we added Expansion File support and the convenience of using either JDK6 or JDK7. Kindle and Nook fans will notice that we no longer distinguish between these platforms and regular Android – all Android builds run on all devices.

We’ve also smoothed off some corners with items such as making logging into the Simulator easier and automatic package name generation for Android/Amazon/Nook builds.

Last but not least, we’ve fixed a ton of bugs and improved many parts of the documentation.


  1. Noticed this in the release notes –

    For iOS builds (Mac), requires Xcode 4.5 or later and OSX 10.8 or later.

    Does that mean I need OSX 10.8 to do builds with this new version ?

    Hope not as that means I need a new Mac as mine isn’t compatible with 10.8


    • Apparently the Simulator doesn’t think you are logged in … try building for iOS or Android or you can just open a project by dragging the main.lua to the Simulator icon and that will cause it to log you in.

  2. I’m not happy with the updates, they are mostly from 3th party services. None of these new seem to be functional. We asked for bluetooth functionallity 1+ year ago, and still not here. We only seem to get advertisement, updates to gui and other 3th party services. Corona likes to answer if you need this then you could use enterprise to write your own plugins. I don’t really want or need that..

  3. I just noticed that the new stable build removes ios 4.3 (iphone 3GS for instance) Would this cause problem from Apple if I update my app which supports 4.3? I do not mind starting at 5.1 but I am afraid that Apple will reject the app. Another issue is Revmob no longer support older builds (install counting issue) so I will need to update the latest stable build BUT again that means dropping 4.3 users. Do you know if Apple allow dropping past users (because of mini ios level) or am I freaking out for nothing? :)

    If I cannot drop the 4.3 users, what are my choices?



  4. I started to use the new release and ran into a few issues.
    – the setting of color on sliders is not working. This is annoying as in my game i was using this as an indicator for each player and used colors to distinguish them.
    – Widget.newButton parameter default changed to defaultFile. I did not see anything in the release notes for this.

    How do i get colors on sliders?
    Is there a list of things that i can use to migrate my game?

  5. @Graham:

    For the second question, please see http://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/api/library/widget/migration.html. The migration guide covers everything that’s been added/removed/changed.

    As for the first question, the 2.0 version of the Widget framework moved the sliders to using image sheets only (see http://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/api/library/widget/newSlider.html under gotchas). If you feel that the capability of setting colors is a must-have feature, please fill in a bug report and we’ll add it to the improvement queue for future versions of the framework.

    A great day,

  6. @mo, We moved the minimum iOS version from 4.3 to 5.1 because we determined that any device running 4.3 could be updated to 5.1.1. Most users will upgrade if their device supports the later version.

  7. @Chris : Super share thank you!

    @Tom: Thank you!, I did not realize that 3GS could be updated to 5.1! That’s a great news!

    @Anybody: Is Apple frown upon app that restrict the OS # after release? Say my app was open to 4.3 and now (because Flurry telling me that 0.00001% of my users are under 4.3) I want to restrict to the OS to say 5.1. Would Apple cry about it? I will love to move up to 5.1 which means I will not need to carry 320×480 graphics anymore for instance….

    Thanks again guys. I feel better now about an update :)


    • I believe Apple are OK about changing the minimum iOS version, as I run iOS 5.1 and have games I have purchased say there is a update but it’s won’t let me download as they have changed the minimum version to 6.0

      Also you still can’t drop 320×480 as the iPhone 3GS runs that res.


  8. I have just check the comparison chart and I ‘m not sure about that :

    Startes have access to in app purchase to deliver freemium apps (according it’s the only way to get some revenues) ?

  9. Thanks Dave,

    This is a great news if confirmed. I am not sure where I read that Apple do not allow restricting OS for app already in the App Store. Still, I think you are right since Apple itself drop OS version time to time!



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